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Caprice – Deep Down In Me

X Art Caprice - Deep Down In Me

Imagine: Caprice (arguably the most beautiful woman on the planet)…and imagine ~ yourself, DEEP inside her. How many men (and women) around the world have prayed and wished for this moment? AND You can live the dream HERE only at X-Art.
Caprice and Marcello and all of their hot friends that they fuck are exclusive to X-Art. Only at X-Art will you see that huge cock penetrating her tiny pussy. And even better, she and her man are open for sharing! So like the famous quote from the movie Dumb and Dumber, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance..” It might be one in a million but there is one! So check her out closely, just in case you are that lucky one in a million.
Line up boys and get ready to get deep inside Caprice.

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Kim – Do Me Darling

Step into a sexy century where a pretty little blonde darling and her handsome gentleman explore their sexual chemistry.
Imagine this babe giving you a “come hither” look, then inviting you to join her on the bed. You KNOW a good time is about to be had. Watch her put her man’s cock in her delicate mouth and pussy. You just might love it as much as they both did.
Cum on…do me darling.

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Kaylee – Dancing Romance

Kaylee and Kyle are an adventurous pair, but they also enjoy the little moments spent together – laughing, flirting and dancing – which conveniently often leads to kissing and oh-so-beautiful fucking.
This is one of those times. And this is also one of those times that she “forgot” to wear panties. As Kyle slides Kaylee’s black dress up, revealing her garter belt, stockings, and beautiful pussy, he can’t help but enjoy the view (and make the most of this “sexceptional” moment).
So let go, dance a little, and fall in love with this beautiful brunette one more time (this week ;-))

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The Red Fox – Rope Priority

Tonight you will see two beautiful people make playful and passionate love to one another.

I feel like the secret to this “tied up” art is absolutely indulging in the vulnerability, just looking into one another’s eyes and letting go…feeling every little physical sensation. It’s a fun role having The Red Fox tied up and at Jake’s will this time (I’m remebering her teasing and gliding her pelvis over Jake as he looked up at her wanting a taste in “Feeling Frisky.”)

Either scenario is super HOT with these two, so make one a priority…and for this one, a Rope Priority ;-)

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Susie – Sexy En Noir

Ever since the “Group Sex” fun, Susie and Jake have been “jonesing” for one another (or however you spell that word ;-))

These two X-Art models are equally sexy and sophisticated, and they both know it (in a really good way). Come to think of it, there’s so many kinds of sexy. Fun sexy…flirty sexy…seductively sexy…submissively sexy…glamourously sexy…and of course my favorite, naughty sexy. They’re all hot!

But this one we call Sexy En Noir…and it is FUCKING HOT! :-)

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Kaylee, Jenna, Sammy – Brazilian Love Affair

During Jake and Sammy’s sexy little trip to Brazil, they decide to extend their date one evening by ordering a little room service. And when I say room service, I mean two hot babes in sexy lacy lingerie arriving at your door, stripping, then making each other cum…right in front of you. This little show is just what the couple needs to heat things up and get them in the mood.

Then more fun begins when Sammy tells Jake “I hope you enjoyed the show….now is it my turn?” as she’s dying to get his cock in her mouth and pussy. Jake is also blown away by the heat in the room, and responds accordingly ;-) (there’s plenty of orgasms to prove it!).

It’s a Brazilian love affair!

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Caprice – Double Tease

X Art Caprice - Double Tease

Get ready to be turned on from the start when THE sex goddess herself appears wearing a black lacy bodysuit and some killer stockings and heels.
Once she has your undivided attention (as she easily will ;-)), enjoy her seductive striptease. One taste of her sweet pussy and Markus (aka the famous Marcello Bravo) is ready to go. He then has his turn at teasing Caprice, which is followed by some passionate and beautiful cock sucking by her. How did they even make it to the sex (I am sooo turned on!)…. which is earth shattering and super-orgasmic by the way :-)
Here cums a double tease! XO

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Kaylee & Baby – I Cant Wait

Kaylee & Baby - I Cant Wait

Baby and Kaylee couldn’t wait to have the chance to get together again (for only their second time!).
These two beautiful teens are so perfect…what more could you ask for? Ok maybe to get a taste of each yourself…then get back to watching this amazingly hot sex of course :-) Pick a good seat because you won’t want to miss this show.
I know I can’t wait! XO

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Misty – And Then There Was You

Misty and her boyfriend are really made for each other.
You will seriously enjoy this gorgeous couple making love and fucking like rockstars (how can this happen at the same time one may ask)….well it can. And Misty and Declan are living proof.
Live, love and see for yourself how hot Misty is. Can I just say wow?!?

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Jayden – I Love Myself

Jayden - I Love Myself

As much as Jayden loves having sex with both guys and girls, she also REALLY enjoys having sex with herself :-)
Just showing off her exquisite body gets her turned on. Watch her strip out of her sexy black lingerie, finger herself and enjoy an incredible orgasm. You will love Jayden (as she loves herself!)
P.S.. Doesn’t the title remind you of that song “I Touch Myself…”??? xo

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