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Jessica & Summer – In The Mirror

Jessica and Summer have been lusting for one another since they danced ballet together years ago.
Finally their fantasies cum true as they lick and finger fuck one another into oblivion. This lesbian sex is beautiful and passionate – some of the best yet!
And the orgasms are real and intense…just so damn HOT.
Cum see what I mean, the girls won’t mind a third hot body in the room.

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  • Kaylee – Best Friends With Benefits

    Kaylee and Jake have been friends for years, but this is the first time EVER that their admiration for one another combines with their built up sexual tension to produce some of the hottest “friend sex” you’ll EVER see!
    They’re literally laughing and playful one second then fucking on the countertop the next. Have you ever imagined a scenario like this in your sexual fantasies? Maybe these two can show you exactly what best friends with benefits really looks like :-) And maybe, just maybe it will lead to more….
    I am happy for them!

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  • Aubrey – Deepest Desires

    X Art Aubrey - Deepest Desires

    When Mr. X asked Aubrey how she liked to be fucked, she seductively whispered “deep & rough”.
    His eyes grew as he followed her into the bedroom, where she began to undress both herself and him. She pulled out his cock and showed him that how she likes it in her mouth too. By now Aubrey’s pussy is dripping wet and ready to take it. They move faster and faster and harder as she gets it from behind and her tiny pussy squeezes his hard cock and she yells out with orgasm.. Want to cum with them?
    Aubrey is happy to fulfill your deepest desires.
    So don’t be shy, we’re not.

  • X Art Aubrey - Deepest Desires
  • Veronica – Spread Wide Open

    X Art Veronica - Spread Wide Open

    Xander arrives as Veronica is finishing dressing and applying her makeup.
    She gives him a “fuck me” look then begins giving him head, just now realizing how big his dick is. She’s instantly wet and aching in anticipation. Then once he’s inside her, he grows even bigger and stretches her little pussy to the absolute limit.
    Sometimes a little wince of pain can be followed by so much pleasure…don’t you think?

  • X Art Veronica - Spread Wide Open
  • Jenna – The Secretary

    Wish you had a secretary like Jenna to flirt with and fantasize about during your work day?
    And if you’re REALLY lucky, she’ll whisper in your ear that her pussy has been dripping all week just thinking about you too. She’ll show you exactly how horny she is by deep-throating your cock, then sticking her ass in the air for you to have at her tight pussy.
    This is a fuck fest definitely worth the sexual tension.

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  • Keira – I Want You To Want Me

    X Art Keira - I Want You To Want Me

    Keira is putting it all out there tonight.
    She’s as sexy as ever and can’t wait for Sebastian’s big hard cock to be inside of her. But first a little show in her black lingerie. Now he’s ready to go and she knows it and all she has to do is look up at him with those deep, dark “fuck me” eyes. His mouth is watering. Watch as she climbs aboard and goes for a ride of a lifetime. You will not wnat to miss this litttle vixen.
    It would be a shame.
    Enjoy her with us!

  • X Art Keira - I Want You To Want Me
  • Caprice – Deep Down In Me

    X Art Caprice - Deep Down In Me

    Imagine: Caprice (arguably the most beautiful woman on the planet)…and imagine ~ yourself, DEEP inside her. How many men (and women) around the world have prayed and wished for this moment? AND You can live the dream HERE only at X-Art.
    Caprice and Marcello and all of their hot friends that they fuck are exclusive to X-Art. Only at X-Art will you see that huge cock penetrating her tiny pussy. And even better, she and her man are open for sharing! So like the famous quote from the movie Dumb and Dumber, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance..” It might be one in a million but there is one! So check her out closely, just in case you are that lucky one in a million.
    Line up boys and get ready to get deep inside Caprice.

  • X Art Caprice - Deep Down In Me
  • Kim – Do Me Darling

    Step into a sexy century where a pretty little blonde darling and her handsome gentleman explore their sexual chemistry.
    Imagine this babe giving you a “come hither” look, then inviting you to join her on the bed. You KNOW a good time is about to be had. Watch her put her man’s cock in her delicate mouth and pussy. You just might love it as much as they both did.
    Cum on…do me darling.

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  • Kaylee – Dancing Romance

    Kaylee and Kyle are an adventurous pair, but they also enjoy the little moments spent together – laughing, flirting and dancing – which conveniently often leads to kissing and oh-so-beautiful fucking.
    This is one of those times. And this is also one of those times that she “forgot” to wear panties. As Kyle slides Kaylee’s black dress up, revealing her garter belt, stockings, and beautiful pussy, he can’t help but enjoy the view (and make the most of this “sexceptional” moment).
    So let go, dance a little, and fall in love with this beautiful brunette one more time (this week ;-))

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  • The Red Fox – Rope Priority

    Tonight you will see two beautiful people make playful and passionate love to one another.

    I feel like the secret to this “tied up” art is absolutely indulging in the vulnerability, just looking into one another’s eyes and letting go…feeling every little physical sensation. It’s a fun role having The Red Fox tied up and at Jake’s will this time (I’m remebering her teasing and gliding her pelvis over Jake as he looked up at her wanting a taste in “Feeling Frisky.”)

    Either scenario is super HOT with these two, so make one a priority…and for this one, a Rope Priority ;-)

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