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Kaylee & Baby – I Cant Wait

Kaylee & Baby - I Cant Wait

Baby and Kaylee couldn’t wait to have the chance to get together again (for only their second time!).
These two beautiful teens are so perfect…what more could you ask for? Ok maybe to get a taste of each yourself…then get back to watching this amazingly hot sex of course :-) Pick a good seat because you won’t want to miss this show.
I know I can’t wait! XO

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Misty – And Then There Was You

Misty and her boyfriend are really made for each other.
You will seriously enjoy this gorgeous couple making love and fucking like rockstars (how can this happen at the same time one may ask)….well it can. And Misty and Declan are living proof.
Live, love and see for yourself how hot Misty is. Can I just say wow?!?

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Jayden – I Love Myself

Jayden - I Love Myself

As much as Jayden loves having sex with both guys and girls, she also REALLY enjoys having sex with herself :-)
Just showing off her exquisite body gets her turned on. Watch her strip out of her sexy black lingerie, finger herself and enjoy an incredible orgasm. You will love Jayden (as she loves herself!)
P.S.. Doesn’t the title remind you of that song “I Touch Myself…”??? xo

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Angelica – Good Night Kiss

A Good Night Kiss and she is left alone in bed. Angelica decides she hasn’t had enough, so she dresses in her sexiest heals and lingerie.
She pulls on her trench coat and she proceeds over to her husbands office. She climbs on him and starts sucking his cock, next she offers him her wet pussy and finally (because he loves it) her perfect asshole. Now thats a Kiss Good Night!
These are awesome photos, watch the video too!

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Izzy – LA Plans

Izzy and her boyfriend have plans to head to LA and see America. Sometimes when they talk about it, they get so excited that they start kissing, which leads to him eating her pussy, getting her turned on and a hot romp wherever they may be.
This time I think Izzy planned it out (putting on the sexy thigh-highs and everything). BTW, Izzy is amazing and exclusive to X-Art!

So cum and get her now…

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Scarlet & Jayden – Blindfold Me Part II

Blindfold me and tie me up” is a recurring theme around here. Watch this absolutely stunning scene as new model Jayden and amazing X-Art exclusive model Scarlet have kinky and hot sex. And that was just “part one”…James steps in for “part two”.

And let’s see who wins this little control game. But no matter, they all had fun and amazing orgasms. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like to be blindfolded?

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Kenzie – Unreal

Anyone want more of Kenzie? This girl is unreal! And this photo-set is out of this world! You will love it. Watch as she makes herself cum with a pretty pink vibrator in her perfect pussy!
She is an unbelievable beauty.

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Caprice – Wonder Waltz

Little Caprice is an amazing beauty. Watch her strip and make herself cum. It’s a wonderful waltz that you won’t want to miss…

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Mia M – Hello Mia

Mia, Welcome to X-Art! Your place here is well-deserved.
Say Helloooo to Mia in her debut pictorial! Watch her strip and flirt with the camera. See her do the splits in her high heels and then watch her awesome contortionist skills. She gets hot being watched, so she gets down on the floor and makes herself cum (and shows you all the way inside her perfect, pink pussy while she’s at it).Amazing person, face and a more gorgeous behind will be hard to find. (I didn’t mean to rhyme that, it sounds kind of lame…LOL).
Anyway, you have to check this girl out, you won’t regret it! A true angel :-) XO

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Caprice – A Girl Like You

I think everyone wants a girl like Caprice. She is beautiful, smart, sweet and really fun. She also has some of the hottest orgasms you will ever see captured on camera and the video from this photo set is no exception.
Watch her strip out of her fancy lingerie and make herself cum like crazy. This is really hot. Even as much of this as we see, everyone at X-Art was turned on during the post production of this one.
Caprice, we love a girl like you!

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