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Leila – Sex on the Beach

Picture yourself on a private beach… soft white sand beneath you, tropical sun overhead. A gorgeous, slender girl approaches, completely nude. It’s a dream come true! She gets down on all fours and moves towards you. Wasting no time, she unties your pants and pulls them down, shoving your cock all the way down the back of her throat. She looks up at you with beautiful blue eyes, as you feel the warm flesh inside her mouth surrounding you. Finally, she props her ass high up in the air, inviting you to fuck her. As you push your rock hard cock into her dripping wet pussy, you can hear a small ‘pop’ sound as she opens up to you, stretching to take your full girth. The waves roll in and out, as you fuck this little beach angel. The sounds of the ocean drown out her screams as she has her first orgasm. “I want to see you cum!” she begs. You pull out and unleash your load all over her suntanned skin…

  • Francesca – Soccer Star

    Francesca looks adorable in her soccer outfit, with knee-high socks, shin guards, and those itsy-bitsy soccer shorts. She’s actually pretty skilled when it comes to playing the world’s #1 sport. She played ‘football’ in school growing up in Germany, and has always loved the game. If she were trying out for a spot on your team, do you think she’d make the cut? YES! :-)

  • Sandy – Nude Workout

    It’s a sultry HOT summer day and super-cute 18 year old Sandy does her morning workout in the nude! Sandy loves showing off her slender physique and suntanned naked body just for you. Watch and enjoy as she flexes her cute little muscles, twisting and turning into every possible position just to give you a better view. For fans of nude fitness, this set of 90 high quality photos is absolutely priceless!!!

  • Chantal – The Exhibitionist

    Chantal is a drop-dead gorgeous blond with classic beauty and perfect proportions. At an early age, she discovered her body and has been a total exhibitionist ever since. Chantal loves sunbathing in the nude and wearing revealing clothing. She just loves the attention!

    20 year old Chantal is one of those rare natural beauties with absolutely perfect proportions; a true Goddess! She loves walking around her apartment in the nude, sunbathing topless, and wearing form-fitting outfits when she goes out at night. In this photo series, gorgeous Chantal takes off her dress and lets the sunshine warm her soft skin. To our delight, she happily reveals every perfect curve of her body for the camera. Oh to spend a warm summer afternoon by the lake with Chantal!

  • Natasha – Aquamarine

    Natasha is one of our favorite skinny brunette models. Perhaps it’s her big brown eyes, her long lean legs, or her cute smile… she’s simply heaven sent.
    In this gorgeous series of 66 high resolution photos, Natasha is absolutely angelic; playing in the blue water… showing off every perfect detail of her 19 year old body.
    Can you imagine being there with her? Watching her playing in the nude on this gorgeous summer afternoon?

  • Natasha – Pink Pearls

    Natasha was working as the top stylist in a hair salon. She’s one of those fun, flirty girls who can entertain you for hours with the latest dish of celebrity gossip, all the while effortlessly trimming your locks. Natasha is a big believer in girl-power, and she thinks girls are just as hot as guys. Among her many assets, Natasha is most proud of her big brown eyes, Cupid’s arrow lips and gravity defying breasts. Natasha, you’re such a tease… and that’s why we love you!

    Natasha slips out of her pink panties and playfully dances in the sand, celebrating her sexual beauty amidst a striking setting. Enjoy the sharp curves of her slender body as she sprays herself with oil and gets all hot & bothered in the summer heat!

  • Becka – First Nudes

    18 year old Becka graces us with her very first nude photos!
    As the sun rose, it cast warm rays across this model’s flawless skin.
    A soft breeze blew Becka’s wavy auburn hair as she rolled and played in the sand…

  • Sandy – Nymph

    Imagine that you’re hiking in the forest and you happen upon a naughty little nude nymph. She balances herself on a rock with one leg raised in the air. The nymph waves her hand in your direction… inviting you to come closer.
    Presenting an intimate tale of perfect natural beauty. This series features 40 gorgeous high resolution images, shot exclusively for X-Art!

  • Scarlett – Getting Wet

    On a hot summer day in Malibu, the redhead vixen stands by the pool, topless, wearing nothing but a white string thong. A beaded shell necklace dangles across her chest, hanging down between her brightly freckled breasts.
    Scarlett shimmies out of her bikini bottoms, her bright blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight, like the water glistening beneath her. She climbs down and crawls along the length of the wall at the edge of the pool.
    She dips into the pool. The sudden, jarring cold sends shivers of excitement through her body. The sensation of the cold turns into temperate tingling and stimulation, as she becomes acclimated to the soft, sunny spot.
    She climbs back out of the pool and stretches-out like a cat. Sizzling, smoking hot, and aroused as she bares her pussy, Scarlett basks in the sunlight.

  • Eve – Croatian Sun

    Eve and I spent a week together in Croatia taking photos, exploring remote beaches and basking in the summer sun.
    She was 18 years old at the time and had just begun modeling to help pay her way through university.
    At first, Eve was demure; modest and shy in a playful, provocative way. She loved to show off her nubile body, but she was intentionally awkward in front of the camera. Taking her picture was a game of cat and mouse.
    In spite of the hot sun, a light breeze made the tiny blond hairs on her body stand on end. Her nipples grew hard. She turned her back and stared off into the distance. As she waded into the ocean, droplets of water splashed across her bronze skin.