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Olivia – Heaven Sent

Like an angel from Heaven, Olivia came to us one day from the Midwest, saying she’d always dreamed of posing nude. “I really like my body, and I think sex is a lot of fun… nothing to be ashamed of,” says Olivia. Although she was a little shy at first, she warmed up as soon as her clothes started to come off. Olivia insisted on trying our clear glass ‘kaleidoscope’ toy. She pushed it gently into her tight pussy, and slid it in and out. She made the cutest moaning sound as she was about to cum… truly Heaven Sent!

  • Victoria – Exotic Angel

    Stunning fashion model Victoria has the longest slender legs and unbelievably large, natural breasts. You won’t believe your eyes when this lovely gift from god strips out of her white cotton panties and sheer camisole. Modeling turns Victoria on. She was only supposed to do fashion-nude style photos here, but she really wanted to touch herself too, so we told her it was ok. Check out the gorgeous close ups at the end of the set! Lots more of Victoria to cum….

  • Carlie – Cum Closer

    Cute Carlie takes off her pajamas and slides a big blue vibrator into her dripping wet pussy… Carlie looks so cute as she jumps up on our bed, sticking her ass way up high in the air. You can see every detail of her immaculate curves through her skimpy cotton pajamas! She takes her clothes off and starts to play with herself. Her pussy quickly becomes puffy and wet as she gets excited for the camera. Time for something special! Carlie takes out a big baby-blue vibrator, turns it on and starts rubbing it up and down across her clit. You can see the cum dripping out of her… AMAZING! Finally, she pushes the sex toy inside and has an incredible orgasm – for your eyes ONLY. :-)

  • Francesca – Flesh for Fantasy

    Sexy blond Francesca fucks a fat cock and stretches her tight pussy until she cums like crazy! She’s is a sweet, demure girl on the outside. But on the inside, Francesca is a sexual adventuress – always wiling to try kinky new things! She crawls into bed with her ass pointed high in the air, wearing white cotton panties and a tight pink tank top. As Fran slips her panties off over her feet, she starts to play with her pussy. First, she slides one finger inside – then two fingers! “Oooh! That’s a tight fit!” She can feel the muscles inside her pussy grabbing her fingers. Francesca has been looking forward to trying her new sex toy – a chubby, soft, flesh-colored dildo that feels just like a real cock. At first she can only fit the tip inside. She squats down atop the toy, pulling her pussy lips apart with one hand as she lowers herself down. She manages to work the head in slowly, squeezing her pussy juices out. She moves slowly up and down, all the time dreaming of fucking a real guy. As she turns around to take it from behind, you can see the big fat dildo, stretching her pussy to the limit. It’s literally all she can take, and waves of pleasure begin to pulse through her body. She rolls over onto her back and rubs her clit as she tries to push the cock in further. “That’s as far as it goes,” she says, just before the first signs of orgasm take over. Her knees buckle and her hips thrust uncontrollably as she cums… hard. Her pussy is super-hot and dripping wet. She’s ready for the real thing,
    Now it’s your turn!!!

  • Tara – Luscious Lips

    When we say “Luscious Lips” we’re not talking about the pair on her face! Tara has one of the most gorgeous pussies we’ve ever seen and her lips are absolutely divine. Actually, this girl has gorgeous everything! She strips out of her pretty white lace bra and panties, daring you to look. She’s positively feline as she stretches languidly across her bed, arching her body proudly. She knows how perfect she is and she wants you to appreciate it. By the end of the session she’s really hot, she fingers herself and spreads herself open so you can see all the way inside. Tara loves to torture you, she wants you to want her. Someone should teach her a lesson!

  • Nina – The Rebel

    Naughty 20 year old Nina entices you with her rebellious hyper-sexual vibe, posing in this playful & provocative erotic photo series, shot in Venice, California. Nina’s freckled face, mysterious eyes, and mind-blowing body are going to knock your socks off (and that’s not all)…

  • Eufrat – Waking Up In a Dream

    Eufrat - Waking Up In a Dream

    Watch this gorgeous model stretch her naked body across a glossy white table and fuck herself with ‘the juicer’ – a clear glass sex toy that lets you see all the way inside her pussy. Incredible! Don’t miss the amazing close-up shots at 4000 pixels resolution… Eufrat is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. When she pushes the toy inside and twirls it around, you can see the cum dripping out of her. Finally, she fucks herself until she cums, then slowly pulls the toy out as you watch. This is one erotic photo-series you will NOT want to miss!

  • Eufrat - Waking Up In a Dream
  • Monique – Love to Fuck

    Watch this gorgeous, blonde, tennis pro slip out of her lacy pajamas (I imagine they’re her white tennis outfit, the kind with the little skirt) and get fucked by her boyfriend’s huge cock. At the end she looks back at him and smiles while he cums on her perfect ass. Make sure to watch the video too! She looks so cute at the end!

  • Susie – Cream Dream

    The photos from the popular x-art video. Susie strips off her hot pink panties and fucks herself with her fingers while you watch. She spreads her perfect pussy open (with her cute pink fingernails) so you can see all the way inside. “She’s really horny from playing with herself, she wants you to come closer and fuck her now, PLEASE”, she begs.
    Make sure to watch the video too.

  • Christina – Bad and Beautiful

    This is one of Christina’s first nude photo shoots. She is a very young looking 18 year old who loves to be naked, but is still a little nervous in front of the camera. It was her idea to wear her school skirt and strip out of it. She was definitely getting excited during the shoot, she didn’t have to be asked to show her pussy for the camera. Imagine shooting Christina, she bats her lashes and acts like a little girl, but at the same time dares you to come closer and give her what she wants….