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Francesca & Emma – Daddys Office

Emma goes to private school, she’s actually a total nerd and is even in band (she plays the flute). Francesca goes to public school, she’s extremely naughty, she’s actually a cheerleader. The two girls met at a coffee shop after school one day. Francesca asks Emma to ‘cum’ home with her after school but Emma says she has to stop by her father’s office first to ask permission. When they arrive he’s out at a meeting…. Watch what happens when these two naughty blonds get it on in this crystal-clear HD X-Art video!

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Sake – 2 Cool for School

19 year old Sake is 1/2 Swedish and 1/2 Japanese. She’s the lead singer in an pop-rock band – and a total rebel at heart. “Live every single moment like it’s your last,” she says. She says she’s always wanted to pose nude, but she was waiting for the right photographer.

Sake is a rebellious 19 year old who dropped out of high school during her freshman year to pursue her greatest passion ~ music. Her virtuoso vocals, stellar songwriting skills and unforgettable stage persona are already taking her to the top. She landed her first recording deal at just 18.
These days, Sake is the lead singer for one of Northern Europe’s most promising up-and-coming neo-rock bands: Reckless.

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Sasha – School Slut

Sasha Grey loves to roleplay. In those pics she’s dressed up as a drop-dead sexy co-ed. Just back from cheerleading practice, Sasha spins in her plaid skirt, her long luscious legs covered up to her inner thighs in smooth silky, white stockings.
Still sweaty and hot from practice, Sasha slowly untwists the knot on her shirt, enjoying the feeling of the sudden cold on her hard, sensitive, nipples.
Sasha discovers a surprise, given to her by the team as a tribute to her school spirit. Through a hole in the wall, Sasha grasps her trophy: a long, lifelike silicone dildo. She rubs it against her lips through the thin cotton of her panties.
Pushing her toes together Sasha clamps down on the cock with her feet. She jerks it off, relishing the smooth feel against her soft soles. Sasha grabs the dildo in her fist, pumping it in front of her mouth.

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