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Gianna – Prelude To Passion

Hot and Wet would be the best way to describe stunning X-Art model Gianna in this awesome photo set. You’ve see her in action, now get to know her more intimately here. Enjoy her beautiful curvy body as she gets all wet in her cotton tank top and panties. Than watch as she sexily slides our of them and makes herself cum.
Look in those eyes and be mesmerized.

  • Anna – Kiss Me

    Anna is a stunning and sultry brunette with a slender waist, perfect breasts and soft, kissable lips. This photo series features Anna in all her glory, as she slips out of her black lace panties and designer shoes and relaxes on a leather chaise. From head to toe, Anna is an image of feminine perfection. She moves through a variety of poses – just to be sure you experience every inch of her beauty.

  • Kato – Party Girl

    Kato (pronounced Kay-toh) is the kind of girl who likes to dance all night and party ’til the break of day. Maybe that’s how she manages to keep herself so thin… she’s always on the move! If you want to meet this stunning 19 year old, your best bet is to hang out in the VIP section of Hollywood’s hottest nightclubs. She’ll be at a table with bottle service, sipping champagne and wearing a tiny black dress that drives you out of your mind.

    How many times have you wished one of those HOT girls in your favorite lingerie catalog would take it all off? Well, your fantasy is about to come true…
    In this stunning high resolution photo-series, gorgeous 19 year-old model Kato slowly strips out of her black negligee and panties… showing off her perfect breasts, narrow waist and long legs. She then dances seductively in the nude, just for you. Enjoy!

  • Katy – High School Sweetheart

    18 year old Katy graduated from high school last year. She’s always wanted to try nude modeling, so she decided to give it a try. Katy slowly strips out of her pink cotton panties and plays with herself, showing off her perfect, slender body.  She admits that she loves the way she looks (so do I) and she enjoys walking around naked whenever she’s home alone.
    Although this was her first time posing nude, Katy had no hesitations about sharing the wild side of her sexuality.

  • Liv – Pure Perfection

    What a party girl Liv is! This is girl that knows all the hot spots, all the fun clubs and all the cool people.
    Liv is also a TOTAL exhibitionist.
    She has just-right breasts, beautiful eyes and long legs. She’s the girl next door and a guys best friend with benefits. Everyone needs a litte Liv in their life! We love you Liv!

    Liv’s long slender legs lead your eye upwards towards her jutting hips, firm, flat stomach, and perfect breasts. She has deep, ice-blue eyes, and the most gorgeous, kissable lips.
    Liv is pure perfection!

  • Francesca – Dangerous

    Francesca has total control. She has a leather whip in her hand, and she’s not afraid to use it!
    She beckons you to follow her upstairs to the private chamber… if you dare.