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Ivy – Hot Bath For Two

The seasons are changing and it’s time to sneak away and get cozy with your lover.
Ivy and Sebastian do just that…and after a day exploring the beautiful outdoors, they retreat back to their luxe hideaway for some relaxation. Maybe it’s being in the woods and away from the city, but these two were dying to get it on! So that they did, in a super HOT bath for two!

P.S. I’m pretty sure they went a few more rounds that evening (after the cameras stopped rolling). Maybe there’s room in their bath for three next time (or four?!) :-)

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Caprice & Carrie – 2 by 2

What’s better than four flirtatious friends enjoying a naked afternoon by the pool? Well I will tell ya…it’s experiencing the wet and wild details of the rendezvous with them! It starts out with Caprice and Carrie kissing in the pool, then Marcello and Jake join them and heat things up.

These two couples are so horny and the fucking shows it. You will get so wet/hard – especially when the girls get on top of their guys. I have one word for this special “two by two”…WOW.
You may also need a cool down after this ;-)

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Caprice – Season Of Love

Caprice - Season Of Love

Caprice and Mark are in love (that is obvious). And now they are on vacation on the island of Ibiza.
Watch as these two athletes (he is a world champion erotic pole dancer and she is just perfect) make love, make out, suck and fuck until they will make YOU cum. They really love each other and you can see it & that makes the sex even better. (you’ll have to watch the video to really get it).
The season of love is here! Cum in and get some.

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Anneli & Clover – Clean & Wet

Doesn’t the title say it all?
These two beauties are definitely clean and they are for sure “wet” in more places than one. Watch as they rinse off their most intimate areas and have some awesome orgasms in the process. Anneli and Clover are perfect.
Oh, and Clover will be joining us on Ibiza ;-)

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Gianna & Baby – Pool Party For Three

Imagine you are on vacation with Baby and Gianna…two of the hottest girls on the planet.
What would you do with them. Go for a swim? Have them suck your cock at the same time? Take turns licking their perfect pussies and then fuckinhg them like crazy until you were all satisfied and laying in the sun.
Sound good?

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Connie – Play Me

Connie’s shape is like a beautiful instrument; imagine a perfect cello.
On a hot day on Ibiza Connie asks her boyfriend to play her like an instrument.
He is an expert and she responds perfectly in tune.
Watch this beautiful couple as they have real vacation sex.
Truly like a symphony.

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Addison – Circles Of Bliss

A quickie on vacation. Who doesn’t love that?
Logan is playing with those cool things you spin around. I don’t know what they’re called, you’ll have to watch the video and see if you can let me know. Well he sees Addison swimming up to him in the pool and decided to put down the ‘spinny’ things (good choice). They make out, he fingers her and she proceeds to give him an awesome and wet blowjob. They both have satisfying orgasms, which is really great for relaxing by the pool afterwards.
Ahhh, vacation fun (you should try it ;-)

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Angelica – A Little Rain Must Fall

Angelica and Ben were outside when it suddenly started pouring down rain. The weather can’t always be perfect.
So, getting really chilly they bolted inside to the hot shower. Don’t you love that feeling (you know the one you get after being really cold and then getting under a steamy hot shower). The shower warms them up from the outside in and it’s not long before they are kissing passionately as they wash each other off.
Angelica slides down and takes Ben in her mouth, he is already hard. Next he picks her up and moves her tight pussy onto his pulsing cock. He pushes inside her, letting gravity pull her down so he is further inside than he’s ever been.
They keep at it as long as they can balance and until he can’t hold back finally finishing as the warm water rains down over their taught and spent bodies.

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Gianna – Prelude To Passion

Hot and Wet would be the best way to describe stunning X-Art model Gianna in this awesome photo set. You’ve see her in action, now get to know her more intimately here. Enjoy her beautiful curvy body as she gets all wet in her cotton tank top and panties. Than watch as she sexily slides our of them and makes herself cum.
Look in those eyes and be mesmerized.

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Susie – Vacation Fantasy

Susie is a dream girl.
Imagine being able to make love to the girl of your dreams in the location of your dreams (lots of dreaming LOL). But it’s real at X-Art! You’re “wide awake” Watch as Susie handles Pablo’s HUGE cock and they ravish each other in paradise. She said he was so big that it hurt a little, but she liked it (you know hurts so good kind of thing).
Visually stunning (and I personally love the braid) ;-)

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