Alexis and Lutro X-Art HOT sex in the kitchen

Alexis and Lutro X-Art HOT sex in the kitchen

Alexis and Lutro have been living together for a while. I personally can’t get enough of her! She reminds me of this super sexy, crazy, fun and sweet girl I know. Even though they have been together for years, they still find ways to make their sex life so HOT that people will pay to watch them.

Check it out as he swings her upside down, she laughs and fucks him everyway but sideways (oh wait, I take that back, sideways too) while cooking spaghetti. I challenge anyone to show me that they have had hotter food preparation sex than these too wild ones. You’ll have to watch and see and let me know in the comments. 4K video and stunning HD photos for your enjoyment!

I’m working on three new videos. A Sybil BG that is SO hot, a new solo with a fashion model and another really naughty sex scene! More cumming soon! And it will just keep getting better. Hope you can enjoy our vidoes here and please don’t watch on tubes or anywhere else (they are stolen) and we are helping all of our models and teams during these tough times. So everyone thanks you for joining. Thank you SO much! See you inside.

  • Alexis and Lutro X-Art HOT sex in the kitchen
  • Sexy Shrima Hot BJ with BF

    Sexy Shrima Hot BJ with BF

    Shirma is a stunning Eastern European 19 year old. She has huge almond eyes and shiny, long dark hair. A perfect body with olive skin and a really sweet and sexy girl.

    She has one lucky boyfriend. She wanted to try some nude modeling and then a surprisingly HOT sex scene for X-Art. If you like real couples and really hot blowjob videos. Look no further than into Shirma’s exotic almond eyes

  • Sexy Shrima Hot BJ with BF
  • Alecia in XArt A Touch of Perfection

    Alecia in XArt A Touch of Perfection

    Alecia is everyone’s dream girl! Well if you like stunning Czech blondes, with perfect bodies and faces.
    Watch her in HD as she makes her man cum over and over again. You wouldn’t think such a sweet, smart girl, could be SO naughty. Then you haven’t been to Prague. I’m half Czech (so I know). Enjoy this hot number while I finish uploading a new video for you this evening. Followed by a BGG we just finsihed shooting. So much coming to XArt and Superhot. I can’t wait to share it all with our beloved members.

  • Alecia in XArt A Touch of Perfection
  • Alecia & Alexis – Hot Blonde Sex

    Alecia & Alexis - Hot Blonde Sex

    Are you in the mood to watch some stunning blondes get each off and come over and over again? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place! Stunning Czech models Alecia and Alexia (wouldn’t Kenna look perfect with them and a guy? just saying…)
    Well they are horny and tired of quarantine and have been tested for everything under the sun, so they go toy shopping and see how many ways with and without toys they can give each other some sexual healing.
    Even if you aren’t looking for girl girl, this is worth a gander, and more is on the way. Tiny kate and other favorites uploading! Hope you can all take a few minutes to enjoy yourself and remembert some things stay the same! Lots of Love, Colette & X-Art team xoxo
    P.S. I want to apologize for the slow pace of vidoes while the models couldn’t work because of helath safety, even I was sick for a few months. But we are now all better and taking every precaution to entertain you, even if you are home with quarantine. More soon.
    PS. Trying for 14-15 new videos and 30 updates starting in August plus Superhot, Colette, Erotic Videos and more! You are in for a treat. All classy, hot. beautiful and only the best! Lots of LOve! And these girls are HOT!!!

  • Alecia & Alexis - Hot Blonde Sex
  • Sybil in Cums AGAIN and AGAIN WOW!

    Sybil is one of our mosyt beautiful, fun and intelligent models. I bet this is why everyone goes crazy for her perfefct body, aweosme intellect and pussy perfection!
    I personaly can’t get enough of her!
    Watch her cum over and over until she is exhausted. But not before she gives you that special twinkle in her green eyes redy to plan the next one…

  • Never Forget Sex With Sabrina

    Never Forget Sex With Sabrina

    How can anyone resist a hot teen bending over a pool table putting her perfect ass in the air? Daniel certainly can’t and Sabrina can’t wait for him to notice. She could not wait to go out with him and when he invited her back to his place for a game of pool she definitely wanted to entice him. Watch her take his his cock deep and have multiple hot orgasms. Sabrina is amazing!

  • Never Forget Sex With Sabrina
  • Maya M – Pretty Pink Natural Orgasm

    Maya M - Pretty Pink Natural Orgasm

    Everyone can see that Sapphira has one of the best bodies in the world. Perfect perky breasts, long thin legs, a flat stomach and a tight pussy. Not to mention stunning bedroom eyes that cast a spell on anyone who looks upon her. This video will give you a taste of what it’s like to be up close and personal with this real life enchantress. Any lover of sex, beauty or perfection can not miss this! Seriously CUM inside!

  • Maya M - Pretty Pink Natural Orgasm
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