Michelle – Strong yet Submissive

Michelle had this funny necklace in her little rolling suitcase, she didn’t know the word in English but she was trying to say it was like a ‘Ball Gag’, she demonstrated by putting it in her mouth. She sucked on the red ball, then slid it over her pussy and spread her legs tempting us to look and see how turned on she was. Strong, submissive or actually both? With Michelle you may think you’re in charge, but she’s really getting exactly what she wants. Imagine you were there taking the photos, would you have given in and given her what she was asking for?

  • Monika – Caliente

    As the warm Summer light floods the room, Monika starts to relax after a long week of work. She feels completely at ease without her clothes, lounging naked, knowing the neighbors and can see in and beckoning them to look. She had just returned from modeling in Italy for an art-nude workshop. She knew all of those Italian guys taking her picture wanted to fuck her and she liked that. Monika is one of those girls who wants you to WANT her, really bad. She is also beautiful, sophisticated and truly wild.
    Be careful, with this girl you just might get what you want!

  • Kristen – Pink on the Inside

    Kristen rolled around on the bed and slipped out of her gray and white striped cotton panties. She took her favorite sex toy from under the pillow and wet the tip of it with her tongue. Even though the toy was small, it was tough for her to get it in. She raised her leg overhead to afford a better angle. Frustrated, she grabbed the end of the toy with both hands… and pushed it in firmly. A telltale drop of wetness formed around the base of the toy, where her lips grabbed hold. Kristen then spread herself open with two fingers and pushed the toy in as far as it would go. The outside end of the toy pointed straight towards the camera lens. The view was amazing!

  • Katka – Cum Like Crazy

    In this erotic masterpiece, super-cute brunette Katka gives her boyfriend an incredible blowjob and then fucks him until he cums like crazy, all over her beautiful stomach! The set begins with Katka wearing lacy white panties. Her boyfriend slips off her panties and pushes his dick down her throat. Katka smiles and giggles as she sucks his hard cock. He turns her over and takes her, doggy-style. She then mounts him and slides his cock all the way inside. Katka bites her top lip as she has a mind-blowing orgasm. He lifts her legs over her head and fucks her like never before. Katka sticks her tongue out as he sprays his cum all over her body… Unbelievable!

  • Susie – So Sweet

    Little blond Suzie looks so sweet stripping out of her hot pink jean shorts! She quickly removed her shirt and bra, exposing her full, perky breasts. As she sat down, her shorts rode-up higher. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She unzipped her shorts, teasing the camera. As her shorts came off, Suzie stood naked in the window. She posed confidently as Coco snapped the photos. “This is my first time doing nude photo for girl photographer,” Suzie said in her adorable Czech accent. She turned around to give a better view of her backside. “Do you like? Here, I show you everything,” Suzie added, spreading her lips open. Inside, she was already wet..

  • Monika – The Dangerous Girl

    New model – Monika – combines the best traits of Penelope Cruz, Megan Fox and Lindsey Lohan. She’s ‘muy caliente’ 21 year-old with stunning looks. One moment she’ll act demure and proper, and the next – totally WILD.

  • Francesca – Soccer Star

    Francesca looks adorable in her soccer outfit, with knee-high socks, shin guards, and those itsy-bitsy soccer shorts. She’s actually pretty skilled when it comes to playing the world’s #1 sport. She played ‘football’ in school growing up in Germany, and has always loved the game. If she were trying out for a spot on your team, do you think she’d make the cut? YES! :-)

  • Becky – Tiny Bubbles

    Becky looks better than ever in this series; her slender figure all lathered up with sexy suds and bubbles. As usual, her body looks absolutely amazing, and she’s wearing little more than her trademark supermodel smile. Time for some good clean fun! Enjoy this stellar set!

  • Francesca – Baseball Babe

    Francesca is definitely one of the hottest girls to ever dawn a baseball uniform! In this photo series she shows off her athletic abilities and gradually sheds her pink and white cotton jersey, followed by her pants. Finally, wearing nothing but her baseball cap and tall pink socks, Fran tries her hardest to fit the end of the baseball bat in a very, very naughty place!

  • Anna – Kiss Me

    Anna is a stunning and sultry brunette with a slender waist, perfect breasts and soft, kissable lips. This photo series features Anna in all her glory, as she slips out of her black lace panties and designer shoes and relaxes on a leather chaise. From head to toe, Anna is an image of feminine perfection. She moves through a variety of poses – just to be sure you experience every inch of her beauty.

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