Becky – Pretty Little Princess

Upon finishing her senior year at an all-girls boarding school in Switzerland, Becky moved back to Russia to get into modeling. For obvious reasons, her modeling career is really taking off! She has doll-like features, and a long slender body that looks incredible in ANY clothes – and even better without clothes!

Becky is a pretty little princess; a daddy’s girl who always gets what she wants. The daughter of a wealthy Swiss businessman and a former top model from Russia, you could say Becky has it all – youth, beauty, and a generous trust fund. Her features are simply stunning. Piercing ice blue eyes… perfect, porcelain skin… long flowing auburn hair and the most incredible pointy, puffy, pale nipples.

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  1. I don’t normally leave responses to articles that I read on the web. I enjoyed yours so much I just had to reply!

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