Model: Clover

This stunning, blonde beauty from far eastern Russia is as gorgeous as she is smart. She speaks perfect English. She loves to read, travel and take photos. She is also a self-proclaimed nudist. (lucky people on her favorite beaches ;-) As sweet as honey and lucky as a Clover. I promise you will fall IN LOVE!

Clover & Keira – Tantric Massage

For all of you Clover fans out there (umm…everyone!) we have a special treat for you tonight. For the first time – and only with X-Art – we have this beautiful girl in a tantalizing threesome with new X-Art model Keira and Mr. Sexy himself, Jake. But before we begin, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, releasing any tension in your body. Then let yourself drift into a state of ecstasy as the hot oil drips onto your skin and the pleasure intensifies with every sensuous touch. There’s no rush, so cum along with this passionate trio. It’s a tantric massage :-)

By the way, Keira is a super fun 22 year old Czech girl who we adore already (and will have a model page for soon!)

  • Caprice & Clover – Enchanting Real Orgasms

    Caprice and Clover give each other REALLY AWESOME orgasms.
    Both of them are very sexual by nature (but not slutty, if you know what I mean…) They had some fun with their tongues, fingers and the Hitachi Magic Wand (I prefer the mini Hitachi, but some girls like the original best). Anyway, Clover had not been with a woman before this day and she truly found that she loved it (Caprice has always enjoyed women, but has a male fiance’ now).
    I hope you Love this Hot HD video!

  • Susie & Clover – Warm Inside

    It’s cold outside, but it is warm inside Susie and Clover’s toasty Prague apartment. As warm as it is inside their hot, pink and tight pussies (OMG I’m laughing at myself that sounds pretty corny, oh well it’s true ;-)

    This is Clover’s second lesbian experience, her first was with Caprice. Watch the girls gently finger and lick each other until they both have orgasms. It is always more exciting when a girl like Clover is new to other girls and really likes it. You can feel her excitement through the lens.