Model: Eveline

European model Eveline is relatively new to more erotic shoots, and she loves it. “X-Art knows just how to capture my sexuality in a way that is so unique,” she told me recently. “It is a honor to be with the number one adult site. And the sex is fantastic!” Now in her early twenties, Eveline knows just what she likes. Of course, with her hazel eyes, black hair and an exquisitely toned petite body, she can have anyone she wants. “Want to know a secret?” she teasingly adds. “I love to be spontaneous. Sometimes this means some pretty kinky stuff, and it definitely includes threesomes and group sex. As long as everyone is happy and feels great, I don’t need much persuasion. In fact, I often start the action.” Is there any doubt that you love this girl? And here’s another surprise for you: Eveline has a twin sister! (Just like Colette.)

Eveline, Jenny Wild – Game Shot Eight Ball Sex

Eveline, Jenny Wild - Game Shot Eight Ball Sex

Eveline and Jenny are long time friends who also love to spend some erotic time together. Eveline has invited Jenny over today to play some pool but she really has some hotter intentions. It’s obvious to Jenny as Eveline spreads her legs just enough to show her perfect little pussy yearning for attention. Jenny is happy to oblige and these two are soon pleasuring each other into hot orgasms. This pool table will never be the same…

  • Eveline, Jenny Wild - Game Shot Eight Ball Sex
  • Eveline – Morning Teenage Love

    Eveline - Morning Teenage Love

    Ricky is completely smitten with his new girlfriend. She is so beautiful and innocent appearing yet beyond hot and sexy in the bedroom. He had one of his best nights ever with her and is excited to wake up and make her breakfast, because… well she deserves it. As Eveline relaxes in the bedroom enjoing her favorite past time reading, Ricky comes into sight with fresh squeezed orange juice. It puts the biggest smile onto her face and immediately she is reminded of why she loves him so much. I think he knows how to make her happy because it only takes a few moments before she reminds him of the night before and takes his big cock into her mouth. Watch him take her into multiple orgasms and she take him to an ultra hot finish. We love little Eveline, who doesn’t?

  • Eveline - Morning Teenage Love
  • Eveline – My Sweet Surrender

    Eveline has woken up from a midday nap and glances out her window thinking about her afternoon plans. Samuel walks in and answers that question. He slowly caresses her body melts her into sweet seduction. Eveline can’t resist wanting more from this encounter and grips the bedsheets in ecastasy as Samuel goes deep inside her. The afternoon becomes even sweeter as Eveline cums over and over.
    I think she and Samuel are happy they stayed in and had this afternoon encounter.

  • Inside Eveline’s Hot Ass

    Some models were born to mesmerize us. With her raven hair, hazel eyes and high cheekbones, Eveline does look like a goddess. With the afternoon sunlight bathing her petite, physically fit and oh-so-desirable body as she lies on the bed’s satin seats, you can be forgiven for feeling romantic. Lucky for us, this European beauty loves sex with a tender intensity that is amazing.
    “I don’t believe in limits or silly boundaries,” Eveline says. “I believe in what feels great and that definitely includes multiple orgasms and adventure.” This girl likes it slow and fast; sensual and hard; and she gives unforgettable, unhurried blowjobs. “I love a hard, throbbing cock that fills me up,” she adds with that dazzling smile of hers. “And I really cum hard during anal sex as well.
    I guy who knows how to fuck my pussy and my ass just right is going to be invited home often!”
    Believe me: This hot shoot definitely is a keeper.