Model: Heidi R

X-Art Girl Heidi R is a hugely popular European fashion model. Although Heidi is of Russian and Latvian ancestry, her busy schedule keeps her traveling to the major cities of the world when not at home base in Italy. “I love my life,” the sensual beauty with the red hair, green eyes and perfect skin says. “I don’t smoke or drink, but I do find other naughty, pleasurable ways to entertain myself.” Let your imagination run wild. Heidi is a former gymnast, and this means that her stunning body is flexible and firm. Plus she loves pussies. (Honestly. Heidi has two cats that she adores!) Add her fiery, outgoing personality and you have the perfect X-Art Girl.

Misty, Heidi R – Girl Crush

X-Art subscribers always go wild when we shoot a new scene with X-Art Girls Misty and Heidi R. Since this is her first time with another girl, we asked Heidi who would be her dream hook-up. Without hesitation, she admitted to a “girl crush” on Misty. Turns out that Misty has been lusting for her as well. Both are uniquely beautiful in their own way, and each has a stunning body.

  • Heidi R – Fireball

    With her gorgeous green eyes and fiery red hair, European beauty Heidi R is in tremendous demand as a fashion model. She also is an actress and has appeared in a popular cable TV series. (Hint: Lots of characters get killed each week). Heidi has a healthy sexual appetite, of course, and the 21-year-old jumped at the chance to shoot for X-Art. Her delicate features, gorgeous tits and firm ass are stunning.