Model: Kaylee

Kaylee @ X-art aka Lennox A (Candice, Candice Love, Candice Luca) is a stunning brunette fashion model with long legs, and a slender body. She is currently studying at a small university in her native Romania, but she’s determined to make her mark in the world once she graduates. Kaylee says she’s never understood why people make such a fuss about being naked. She says she feels very natural and comfortable out of her clothes. When Kaylee finishes her studies, she plans to travel around Europe and Africa to experience different cultures.

Summer, Kaylee – Just Look At That Ass

Just look at that ass! Who would want to divulge in it and play a little?
Summer has the body of a goddess and probably the sweetest ass I’ve seen. Just makes your mouth water watching Kaylee fuck her with the cool dildo, right? And she absolutely loves anal – especially when she’s with another sexy girl. Cum see what I mean. You’re going to love this one…I mean, sexy lingerie, gorgeous girls, amazing colors. And super close-ups. You really can’t miss it!
And we are abot to get the party started at Colette with more group and IR videos…
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  • Kaylee – Hungry For More

    X Art Kaylee - Hungry For More

    Isn’t it awesome when you get with a girl and it is so obvious that you are both crazy about each other.
    The first time is hot, but the second time when you know a little more about each other’s bodies it can be EVEN better. Now we know Jake and Kaylee have had their fair share of hot romps, but I know for a fact that Jake was waiting for a few years to get Kaylee and she was taken and practically a virgin when she came to us at X-Art.
    Now still only at X-Art and with her hot new guy you can see this tiger is back and HUNGRY for more.
    You can practically hear her roar!
    But watch her eyes, that’s the best!

  • X Art Kaylee - Hungry For More
  • Kaylee, Miu – Make-Up Sex

    Miu and Kaylee had a fight last night, but thankfully are making up in the best way ever possible today – with some passionate and VERY pleasurable lesbian sex.
    Cum see what I mean as you take some lessons from their oral and finger-fucking skills.
    Want a chance with one of these hot girls?
    Maybe next time… ;-)

  • Kaylee & Izzy – Blondes Love Brunettes

    X Art Kaylee & Izzy - Blondes Love Brunettes

    Kaylee and Izzy are definitely two of our hottest exclusive X-Art models and it is just our luck that they have wanted to get together and try some Girl on Girl action.
    If you remember Kaylee had all her firsts with us (solo masturbation, her first lesbian experience and then her first sex scene). Now see how her skills with the softer sex have gotten even hotter. This is one video that bisexual girls, straight girls or men who love lesbians will not want to miss!

    P.S. This reminds me of the time when I used to get drunk and make out with my hot brunette friend a few years ago (we had a steamy affair for about a year and Brig knew..)#memories

  • X Art Kaylee & Izzy - Blondes Love Brunettes
  • Kaylee – Best Friends With Benefits

    Kaylee and Jake have been friends for years, but this is the first time EVER that their admiration for one another combines with their built up sexual tension to produce some of the hottest “friend sex” you’ll EVER see!
    They’re literally laughing and playful one second then fucking on the countertop the next. Have you ever imagined a scenario like this in your sexual fantasies? Maybe these two can show you exactly what best friends with benefits really looks like :-) And maybe, just maybe it will lead to more….
    I am happy for them!

  • Kaylee – Dancing Romance

    Kaylee and Kyle are an adventurous pair, but they also enjoy the little moments spent together – laughing, flirting and dancing – which conveniently often leads to kissing and oh-so-beautiful fucking.
    This is one of those times. And this is also one of those times that she “forgot” to wear panties. As Kyle slides Kaylee’s black dress up, revealing her garter belt, stockings, and beautiful pussy, he can’t help but enjoy the view (and make the most of this “sexceptional” moment).
    So let go, dance a little, and fall in love with this beautiful brunette one more time (this week ;-))

  • Kaylee, Jenna, Sammy – Brazilian Love Affair

    During Jake and Sammy’s sexy little trip to Brazil, they decide to extend their date one evening by ordering a little room service. And when I say room service, I mean two hot babes in sexy lacy lingerie arriving at your door, stripping, then making each other cum…right in front of you. This little show is just what the couple needs to heat things up and get them in the mood.

    Then more fun begins when Sammy tells Jake “I hope you enjoyed the show….now is it my turn?” as she’s dying to get his cock in her mouth and pussy. Jake is also blown away by the heat in the room, and responds accordingly ;-) (there’s plenty of orgasms to prove it!).

    It’s a Brazilian love affair!

  • Kaylee, Lisa, Jenna – In My Living Room

    X Art Kaylee, Lisa, Jenna - In My Living Room

    Enjoy these three brunette beauties while they enjoy each other in a beautiful home we visited during our trip to Brazil.
    This threesome is a special treat – with a stunning Czech and Romanian girl and their sophisticated sexuality and a free-spirited and flirtatious American girl – what more could you ask for in a combination?! Delight in the view from this spectacular location… and as a bonus, the kissing, licking and finger fucking between some really hot and very naked babes ;-)

    Cum see! Only in my living room…

  • X Art Kaylee, Lisa, Jenna - In My Living Room
  • Kaylee – Not Alone

    Kaylee is enjoying pleasuring herself in bed this morning…. but soon realizes she’s not alone when Kyle sees her and (although loves just watching her touch herself) decides he can’t resist to offer a little help ;-)
    Kaylee enjoys the touch of his tongue on her clit and pussy, but badly wants his hard cock inside of her now. Watch this real-life couple make love missionary style, then spoon (where Kaylee has an incredible orgasm!), and finally a super sexy 69 position where Kaylee’s hand-y oral skills will leave you wanting your chance with her.

  • Kaylee & Naomi – The Way I Feel

    Kaylee & Naomi - The Way I Feel

    Kaylee and new X-Art model Naomi have been smitten of one another ever since they met. One chilly winter day, they decide to get cozy inside and take things to the next level (or next few levels I guess ;-))
    Cum see their desires heat up and let them whisk you away to a whole new winter wonderland.
    Ahhh…that’s the way I feel.

  • Kaylee & Naomi - The Way I Feel