Model: Lisa

Lisa a really hot student from Prague. To earn some extra money she decided to try a little nude modeling for us at X-Art. She seemed to like the feeling she got from being on camera, so she decided to go a little further and show us how she makes herself cum in private. A super-sweet new face. Lisa would love to meet an American man. She is studying economics ;-)

Lisa – Lisa’s Playroom

So we’ve probably all watched “that movie” by now…We have some much better footage coming your way BTW.
But here for now, we give Lisa the chance to explore (with her husband) some of her deepest sexual desires. He binds her hands while he makes her cum with his mouth, fingers and then a big white dildo. He teases with ice and ropes and she pleases him with crotchless panties and high heels. They also explore her ass for the first time. This tall fashion model gone erotic beauty has brought us along for the ride of her sexual awakening at X-Art.
She is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, which makes her that much hotter. So sweet and so sexual. If you met Lisa, you would probably fall over in love.
If you got inside her playroom, you might not be able to do much more than stare at the venus in front of you!
Lucky for everyone she is willing to share here.
Cum inside.

  • X Art Lisa - Lisa's Playroom
  • Lisa – Dripping Pleasures

    Lisa and Max are the hottest couple I know, and what’s really cool is that their sex life is exactly as it looks – fun, flirty, naughty…and also deeply romantic.
    I seem to think this balance (in sex and in life) is what makes us the happiest. So cum into this couple’s bedroom where they give each other a whole lot of pleasure.
    And if you like oral sex, 69-ing, or giving it to a HOT ASS girl like Lisa from behind (watching and grabbing her ass as it moves so rhythmically), this one is a must see!

  • Lisa’s Hidden Cam

    Lisa and Max may be the hottest couple on the planet, and they are of course EXCLUSIVE to X-Art.
    These two have so much chemistry, it’s unreal. I’m sure they have steamy sex daily, but we are lucky to join them in the bedroom every so often and this time our goddess Lisa tells Max, “I want you to fuck me so hard, and I want to be filming.” Hmm one might say, a little power play? Of course he is immediately turned on and he (of course) says “Ready when you are babe!” The “babe” comment almost kiled the mood, but they got it back (and I’m making the “babe” part up anyway (lol).
    Well they must have used a REALLY good camera because this video will blow your mind (and something else!)

  • J’adore Lisa

    X Art J'adore Lisa

    Imagine Lisa greeting you at the door, taking you by the hand, pulling you in to her living room, and flinging you into a chair in front of her…just before she gave you “that look” and began to strip her lovely clothes off her even more lovely body. Now stop imagining and open your eyes, as she’s right in front of you, just dying to impress you as she pleasures herself.
    This sexy girl could do just about anything and turn you on…am I right??
    J’adore Lisa!

  • X Art J'adore Lisa
  • Lisa – Yours Forever

    This may be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen Lisa! She’s like a rare, wild flower that just radiates happiness (and AMAZING sexual energy!)
    Enjoy Lisa’s incredible body and her equally incredible orgasm, then be in even more awe of her blowjob skills. Wow. If you can hold out until she climbs on top of her man, you will LOVE the way they fuck…so passionately!
    Did I mention a delicious finish?
    Cum witness something spectacular!
    Yours Forever

  • Lisa – Give Me More Part II

    After Lisa gets herself hot and very very wet, her man Max appears and is ready to rock her world (even better than she just did herself ;-))
    He’s dying for a taste of her perky breasts and perfectly moist pussy, and then have some more fun on their sofa. Lisa loves Max’s big muscles and his big hard cock, and just moves in ecstasy as she rides him from all angles. We are loving this couple!
    They are so HOT! Cum see!

  • Lisa – Epic Love

    For the first time ever, we are eager and very happy to present Lisa in a boy-girl scene with her sexy real-life love, Max.
    These lovers are amazing people with a very beautiful love story (and super HOT sex life!) Cum see this passionate couple have some fun in their bedroom. Their chemistry is dream-worthy!
    Welcome to X-Art Max :-)

  • Kaylee, Lisa, Jenna – In My Living Room

    X Art Kaylee, Lisa, Jenna - In My Living Room

    Enjoy these three brunette beauties while they enjoy each other in a beautiful home we visited during our trip to Brazil.
    This threesome is a special treat – with a stunning Czech and Romanian girl and their sophisticated sexuality and a free-spirited and flirtatious American girl – what more could you ask for in a combination?! Delight in the view from this spectacular location… and as a bonus, the kissing, licking and finger fucking between some really hot and very naked babes ;-)

    Cum see! Only in my living room…

  • X Art Kaylee, Lisa, Jenna - In My Living Room
  • Lisa & The Red Fox – It’s A Fine Line

    Have you noticed how much the Olympics’ judges look for two bodies that are “in sync” and perfectly intertwined during figure skating competition?
    Well, if fingering, licking and sucking gorgeous pussy was an Olympic event – and why the hell not? – then Lisa and Natalia would take home the gold! College student Lisa made her debut on X-Art not long ago, and when she took one look at new cummer Natalia, you knew that these two beautiful young women wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off one another for long! Between us – they couldn’t wait to get their clothes off!

    You will hate yourself if you miss any moment of this passionate yet tender pairing of brunette and redhead in a hot competition to see who could cum the hardest and the longest. It’s a fine line in judging who had the best time fucking her partner.
    I call it an orgasmic photo finish! Do you agree?

  • Lisa & Bailey – I Want To Tell You

    Sometimes girls just want to have fun.
    And for Lisa and adorable new X-Art model Bailey, this is one of those nights. They are both in between relationships, so hanging around at Lisa’s house they decided to give each other some pleasure. Wacth as they finger, suck and fuck each other to satisfying orgasms.
    Welcome to X-Art Bailey (such a cutie!)