Model: Michelle

Michelle is a stunning Russian beauty who is trying nude modeling for the first time. She’s from a village in the country and recently moved to Moscow when she turned 18, so far she likes the city. She hopes to find a nice American or European man to show her the world. She has a strong personality, but is submissive when it comes to sex. She said this is one of the reasons she likes modeling so much, she loves when the photographer tells her what to do, it really turns her on.

Michelle – Strong yet Submissive

Michelle had this funny necklace in her little rolling suitcase, she didn’t know the word in English but she was trying to say it was like a ‘Ball Gag’, she demonstrated by putting it in her mouth. She sucked on the red ball, then slid it over her pussy and spread her legs tempting us to look and see how turned on she was. Strong, submissive or actually both? With Michelle you may think you’re in charge, but she’s really getting exactly what she wants. Imagine you were there taking the photos, would you have given in and given her what she was asking for?