Model: Nella Jones

Kendall came to us as a 19 year old fashion model. Straight off the runways this gorgeous blonde stands 5’7 and was just not going to be tall enough to continue in high fashion. Lucky for us Kendall has also been a super fan of X-Art and is extremely sexually curious. Before she met Kenna and I, she had never been with a woman or even used a vibrator! Up for the challenge and brand new to the over 18 industry, right away she was a natural and we were in love! The first video you’ll see of her is one of the hottest sexual awakenings ever caught on camera! Kendall loves fashion, riding horses, reading and swimming. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this big-eyed, freckle faced stunner: who is as sharp as she is gorgeous. Quick with a laugh and smile for everyone and up to try lots of new things; we’re hoping all of those things will be with us at X-Art. And she seems to want it that way! Everyone welcome your dream girl Kendall to our X-Art family.

Glamorous Nella

A Bonus photoset for all the Nella fans! Nella always loves to dress up and today was no exception. She was feeling a little horny and begged me to take some hot pics of her to add to her collection. I am always happy to oblige and share her perfect petite body with you. She broke my vintage Chanel necklace in this shoot, but I guess beauty has a price. Please sign up and I can replace it. lol xoxo ~ LOve, Colette

PS. Today we are shooting Alex Grey! She lived with us for 6 months when she was just 18 years old and then did the Penthouse cover, hung out with a wild group and we lost touch. We’ve always remained friends and I’m so excited to shoot something stunning of her today. I’ll start updating the behind the scenes and post on my profile how the day is going. She seems healthy, happy and gorgeous!

  • Nella Jones – Nella Jones Hot Sex

    Nella Jones - Nella Jones Hot Sex

    Nella, such a sweet and nice girl. Only played with the erotic busniess for a short time and only for
    But that time was explosive. Such as gorgeous girl, seductive, sexy eyes. Loyal, fun and funny. And smart. I found this unpublished set of her. Have fun! Love, Colette
    Check out the hot 4K videos in under Nella’s model profile!

  • Nella Jones - Nella Jones Hot Sex
  • Nella Jones, Niki – Hot Blonde Lesbian Friends with Benefits

    Nella, Niki - Hot Blonde Lesbian Friends with Benefits

    So what do you get when you have two stunning blondes with a little bubbly gone to their heads and some hot girl crushes? You get a SUPER SEXY 21st birthday celebration. How many of our members would not have done anything to be in the middle of this hot party? Lucky me, I was there. We’ll put up the photos soon too. They are as stunning as the girls.
    But right now seriously enjoy two of the most beautiful and exclusive girls in the erotic industry today in lifelike 4k and then meet them live on X-Art chat!!
    Happy Birthday Nella!
    We love you! Join today and comment that you did!

  • Nella, Niki - Hot Blonde Lesbian Friends with Benefits
  • Nella Jones – Black Lace Lingerie

    Nella Jones - Black Lace Lingerie

    Nella is always hot, but when she is naked except for lacy black lingerie. Well who can resist her? Those gorgeous, curious, piercing blue almond eyes. Perfect ass and slim body and that cute sprinkling of freckles.
    Who wouldn’t want to play with this dream girl!
    I’ll post when I know she’ll be online.

  • Nella Jones - Black Lace Lingerie
  • Nella Jones – Fashion Show Fucking

    Nella Jones - Fashion Show Fucking

    Nella and Tyler started having a little “friends with benefits” fling this Summer when he gave her the first surfing lesson she ever had. Now they are back for more hot sex. And what can be hotter than when two young, models are totally into each other.
    Watch as she walks out head to toe in designer mink and red bottom spike heels; to put on a sexy, fucking fashion show for Tyler (and you)
    With her long, the legs up in the air: it’s a slightly different look than Tyler was used too with his Summer surfing buddy.
    Watch them go at it every possible way. Nella has a self-professed: tiny pussy and Tyler has a pretty big (well uh, you know) for his size. So the expressions are real. The sex is real and it is exclusive only on X-Art. And guess what Nella even helped photo-shop her covers for this video! We love you Nella and Tyler!
    Keep on cumming on!

  • Nella Jones - Fashion Show Fucking
  • Nella Jones, Sophie Sparks – Fashion Model Bikini Lesbians

    Everyone knows most girls are bisexual (they do right?). Sophie really loves the softer sex and Nella, a stunning fashion model has only just had her first experience . So Sophie shows her how awesome an orgasm from another woman can be; each other s cumming HARD, multiple times! This was after she had about 15 orgasms with Kenna James in the threesome video (look it up and watch it under Nella’s profile) Guys, if you want to learn just how to make a beautiful girl cum? Look no further, watch and learn my loves.
    Your ladies won’t be dissappointed, no matter if you are man or woman or anyone in between! #pride , sex and love.