Model: Shrima

Shrima is a Ukrainian sweetheart and fitness fanatic who loves to work out every chance she gets(in more ways than one:-) She is eager to please and was so nice to work with! Don’t miss her in boy girl too!

Shrima – A Private Affair

Shrima - A Private Affair

You know when you meet someone that you’re instantly drawn to and can’t help but lust for them until the time comes when you both give in and it’s just AMAZING sex…well that’s how Shrima feels about Charles. They met long before their first time together, but it made for that much more enjoyment once they could finally taste and feel and fuck one another. Let’s just say no one was disappointed.

  • Shrima - A Private Affair
  • Shrima – In The Mood

    Shrima and her boyfriend are enjoying a quiet evening at home. They have finished dinner and Josh lays down on the couch to relax. Shrima has other plans… She climbs on top of him and starts giving a massage. She quickly moves up toward his neck and tenderly kisses him in a way she knows will turn him on. He turns over and she takes control, sucking his cock in a way he can’t resist. Their quiet evening soon turns to hot fucking and the night becomes better than imagined.