Model: Vinna

Yes, those fabulous tits are real. Czech beauty Vinna is a blonde, blue-eyed girl who is totally uninhibited before our cameras. “Yes, I adore sex and I enjoy knowing that I can get your subscribers off,” she says with a laugh. “I think this is great. Fucking a guy or a girl is a perfectly natural part of life, so why not share?” We could not agree more. Vinna is a European girl who is making the transition from fashion model to erotic sensation without missing a beat. With her striking good looks and athletic body, she is destined to be one of our favorites. And remember: she loves sharing her sexuality with you.

Vinna, Emily B – Party Of Three

Vinna and Emily have been secretly hooking up for a few months. No one knows how much they love to pleasure each other. Today they have been caught by their roommate while making out on the couch. Of course he can’t resist watching these two kissing and touching each other. They soon realize they are being admired and it only turns them on more. They ask Josh if he wants to join. Well…of course! They each take his cock as deep as possible and Vinna even lets him finish with a hot creampie. Don’t miss this party of three.

  • Vinna – X Marks The Spot

    What do you do if a guy you don’t know ties you up to basically an X shaped crucifix?
    1) smart choice try to get the cops on the line.
    2) Decide whether you were willingly or unwillingly tied up. Actually do that part first.
    3) If he starts doing things that feel good, maybe you planned this and should go with it.

    BUT remember if you wake up tied to a huge wooden X and you don’t know the guy or remember anything get help immediately! Depends how well you or your parents know you.
    But for sake of this video let’s say you are a willing participant and into BDSM. Just the flick of his tongue in the right place can make you cum so hard you’ll get rope burn. Turns out our guy in this type and is a big tease. He torments you until you can’t take it any longer and insist to be untied and fucked hard on the bed until he comes all over you! And that’s what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation…