Francesca – Fishnets

Watch stunning Francesca model some hot crotchless, fishnet stockings and play with her angelic pussy. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Malibu and Francesca is over, she loves going  through my stuff to find sexy things to try on.
She finds some cool fishnet stockings, slips them on and begs me to take some photos (she really loves modeling). We go all around the house shooting until we end up in my bed. Naughty girl that she is, she says why don’t you keep taking the photos while I play with myself, so of course I do. She looks so hot! Anyway, please don’t be too tough on me since this is one of my first sets of her and I am a way better photographer now!
At the end of the set, she gets up and I see the perfect heart shape that her ass makes in the back, so I ask her to lay back down on the bed and show me and she does ;-) <3 ~ Colette
P.S. Francesca has just recently retired from modeling, so I wanted to put up the last few tributes to her. So we can remember and be grateful for an original X-Art favorite, even as we move forward with lots of new models and boy/girl videos ;-)

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