Mischa – Thin and Delicious

Mischa is one of those tiny, skinny, beautiful girls who could charm the pants off just about anyone. She has a gorgeous smile that practically lights up the room. Being in the room with Mischa just makes you feel gooooood. There’s something magical about Mischa!!!

Watch as tiny little hottie Mischa (who only weighs 94 lbs!) stands on her tippy toes and slowly strips out of her see-through negligee.  Once her clothes are cast aside, Mischa radiates a quiet confidence as she looks straight at you with her big green eyes. Mischa has studied ballet from an early age – and it shows. Her long, lean legs lead up a perky ass, protruding hips and a firm, flat stomach. Mischa’s super-soft brunette hair brushes across her back as she dances for the camera. Her hair forms the perfect frame for her fashion-model face. Her full lips part, as aching for just one slow kiss.

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