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Shrima – A Private Affair

Shrima - A Private Affair

You know when you meet someone that you’re instantly drawn to and can’t help but lust for them until the time comes when you both give in and it’s just AMAZING sex…well that’s how Shrima feels about Charles. They met long before their first time together, but it made for that much more enjoyment once they could finally taste and feel and fuck one another. Let’s just say no one was disappointed.

  • Shrima - A Private Affair
  • Kate R – Fifty Shades of Kate

    Kate R - Fifty Shades of Kate

    Sometimes Kate is in the mood for something HOT and a little naughty… this is one of the those evenings. Kristian comes home to find a “present”, which includes Kate’s tight ass ready to take his large cock.
    Watch this hot scene unfold with some serious dripping pleasure (hope you are ready!)

  • Kate R - Fifty Shades of Kate
  • Lovita, Charlie – The Exciting Games We Play

    Lovita, Charlie - The Exciting Games We Play

    Charlie and Lolo are strolling through a city park on a breezy spring day. Chatting about guys and feeling the wind blow up their skirts. No panties on as a little trick amongst themselves: actually makes the girls hormones start to stir.
    After flirting and then finally knowing what is going to happen; Charlie takes Lolo up to her apartment where the lust between the two girls is so hot that they just can’t take anymore. It starts slow and then turns into hot orgasm after hot orgasm! This is a crystal clear 4K video with stunning colors and real action.
    Take a break and be swept away!
    You won’t regret it.

  • Lovita, Charlie - The Exciting Games We Play
  • Sybil Unicorn Pool Party

    Sybil Unicorn Pool Party

    Sybil has to be one of sexiest women on the planet! Hotter than a rainbow unicorn :-) She decides to head down for a swim. For some reason the Unicorn is turning her on!?! She can’t help but take a swim in the nude and when a guy joins her the pool heats up. She turns around showing her perfect pink pussy and makes good use of his pool float and others.
    This one is so HOT. Who wants to go for a swim with Sybil?
    I know I do!

  • Sybil Unicorn Pool Party
  • Kate R – Hot Pole Dance Tiny Kate

    Kate R - Hot Pole Dance Tiny Kate

    Watch as super sexy and tiny teen Kate does a seductive pole dance for her hot lover. Watch the up close shots of her ass and how she moves her body that just exudes sexualy energy. I am partial to this video. I think it is SO hot. He fucks her in every position and she loves it. You can not miss this! and the 1000’s of other exclusive 4k videos. Seriously, watch this. You will LOVE it! Wow!!

  • Kate R - Hot Pole Dance Tiny Kate
  • Sybil My Sweet Baby

    Sybil My Sweet Baby

    Sybil is probably one of the most beautiful and hottest women in the world. I really love this video. I picked the music track. You can imagine what it would be like dancing around with Sybil and what comes next. Take in her perfection. Relax and enjoy, HD photos of the superhot video! xoxo Colette

  • Sybil My Sweet Baby
  • Kim Deep Throat

    Kim Deep Throat

    Sometimes you see a couple and you just know. The romance, that original lust that will possibly never end. When you watch these two, you will know that “meant to be” feeling. The sex is HOT and the cinematography is stunning! In original X-Art style with stunning models and true emotions! HD photos from this is one video you will want to download and keep in your permanent collection of quality erotica. I’m going to watch it again…

  • Kim Deep Throat
  • Kim Amaris Pool Boy Cabana Threesome

    Kim Amaris Pool Boy Cabana Threesome

    When is it not a good day for a poolside threesome you ask? Well never. I guess. Ha. Well it couldn’t get any better with gorgeous, blonde, Czech beauty Amaris, stunning long legged and thin Kim and a guy who looks just good enough that it could just as easily be you in here. Again I picked the music for this one. The video starts like an old school Tom Petty video. Watch and see what you think about my music choice. I’ve always liked tunes b4 my time. What do you guys think about the HOTTEST action X-Art has had in a while. Happy Memorial Day wekend USA! And I’m working a special video for my birthday.

  • Kim Amaris Pool Boy Cabana Threesome
  • Leanne – Hot Wild Sex with Leanne

    Leanne - Hot Wild Sex with Leanne

    Leanne is a stunning brunette with a long lean body and stunning green eyes. She can perform the kind of sexual gymnastics you will only see in an erotic video! Oh wait, that’s what this is. But this is special. Leanne is special. She can do tricks to Luke’s cock that are unbelievable. And her enthusiasm is limitless. You have to watch to believe this girl. And see why we are in love with Leanne!

  • Leanne - Hot Wild Sex with Leanne