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Kim Deep Throat

Kim Deep Throat

Sometimes you see a couple and you just know. The romance, that original lust that will possibly never end. When you watch these two, you will know that “meant to be” feeling. The sex is HOT and the cinematography is stunning! In original X-Art style with stunning models and true emotions! HD photos from this is one video you will want to download and keep in your permanent collection of quality erotica. I’m going to watch it again…

  • Kim Deep Throat
  • Leanne – Hot Wild Sex with Leanne

    Leanne - Hot Wild Sex with Leanne

    Leanne is a stunning brunette with a long lean body and stunning green eyes. She can perform the kind of sexual gymnastics you will only see in an erotic video! Oh wait, that’s what this is. But this is special. Leanne is special. She can do tricks to Luke’s cock that are unbelievable. And her enthusiasm is limitless. You have to watch to believe this girl. And see why we are in love with Leanne!

  • Leanne - Hot Wild Sex with Leanne
  • Nella Jones – Nella Jones Hot Sex

    Nella Jones - Nella Jones Hot Sex

    Nella, such a sweet and nice girl. Only played with the erotic busniess for a short time and only for X-Art.com
    But that time was explosive. Such as gorgeous girl, seductive, sexy eyes. Loyal, fun and funny. And smart. I found this unpublished set of her. Have fun! Love, Colette
    Check out the hot 4K videos in under Nella’s model profile!

  • Nella Jones - Nella Jones Hot Sex
  • Nella Jones, Niki – Hot Blonde Lesbian Friends with Benefits

    Nella, Niki - Hot Blonde Lesbian Friends with Benefits

    So what do you get when you have two stunning blondes with a little bubbly gone to their heads and some hot girl crushes? You get a SUPER SEXY 21st birthday celebration. How many of our members would not have done anything to be in the middle of this hot party? Lucky me, I was there. We’ll put up the photos soon too. They are as stunning as the girls.
    But right now seriously enjoy two of the most beautiful and exclusive girls in the erotic industry today in lifelike 4k and then meet them live on X-Art chat!!
    Happy Birthday Nella!
    We love you! Join today and comment that you did!

  • Nella, Niki - Hot Blonde Lesbian Friends with Benefits
  • Lilliane Content Creator to WATCH

    Lilliane Content Creator to WATCH

    Lilliane is one of the hottest models in the world in my opinion! I mean seriously what would you pay to cam with her? She has the most awesome orgasms and she is not shy. And it doesn’t hurt that she is sweet and sexy as hell. She let’s us video her web show. Be there with me.

  • Lilliane Content Creator to WATCH
  • Nella Jones – Black Lace Lingerie

    Nella Jones - Black Lace Lingerie

    Nella is always hot, but when she is naked except for lacy black lingerie. Well who can resist her? Those gorgeous, curious, piercing blue almond eyes. Perfect ass and slim body and that cute sprinkling of freckles.
    Who wouldn’t want to play with this dream girl!
    I’ll post when I know she’ll be online.

  • Nella Jones - Black Lace Lingerie
  • Tiffany Tatum, Amaris – Sex and Fashion A Threeway Project

    Tiffany and Amaris have been booked for a photo shoot with a very well known photographer. They are both hot up and coming models who find each other so sexy during the shoot that they end up getting a little closer than intended. Their photographer is really turned on and can’t wait to show them the pictures. The girls love what they see and think it would be way hotter to invite him in as well. It turns into Lutro’s lucky day as Tiffany and Amaris take control.
    These sexy models show how talented they really are as they ride his cock until both are dripping wet.
    Truly hot orgasms and you won’t want to miss this finish…

  • Zazie – Lingerie Birthday Surprise

    It’s Zazie’s birthday! She couldn’t wait to get home and see what her boyfriend might have planned for her (they are a real couple in love!). He gives her a birthday tiara and a special sexy gift. Turquoise is her favorite color and she can’t resist putting it on right away. Well he certainly doesn’t mind… Zazie takes his cock deep showing off all her ass-ets in her new lingerie. It’s not long before she takes it all off and these two are enjoying every part of each other over the dining room table.
    This is the kind of birthday present I like to receive… or join in on.

  • Vinna – X Marks The Spot

    What do you do if a guy you don’t know ties you up to basically an X shaped crucifix?
    1) smart choice try to get the cops on the line.
    2) Decide whether you were willingly or unwillingly tied up. Actually do that part first.
    3) If he starts doing things that feel good, maybe you planned this and should go with it.

    BUT remember if you wake up tied to a huge wooden X and you don’t know the guy or remember anything get help immediately! Depends how well you or your parents know you.
    But for sake of this video let’s say you are a willing participant and into BDSM. Just the flick of his tongue in the right place can make you cum so hard you’ll get rope burn. Turns out our guy in this type and is a big tease. He torments you until you can’t take it any longer and insist to be untied and fucked hard on the bed until he comes all over you! And that’s what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation…