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Jessica – Fireside Fantasy

Jessica - Fireside Fantasy

The name kind of says it all “Fireside Fantasy” duh…. To have this stunning beauty showing you her pussy in front of a warm fire seems pretty inviting ( to say the least).
Watch Jessica in strip out of her leggings and see-through sweater and THEN watch her finger herself until she cums. Hot in more ways than one is an understatement…

  • Jessica - Fireside Fantasy
  • Introducing Angelica

    This girl is beyond words. She is so unbelievably beautiful, powerful, graceful and sexual (well I tried to find some words). She is a dancer and an enchantress. To see her is to love her. Meet her here on a chilly evening as she gracefully slips out of a tight black cat-suit. Watch as her fingers find their way to her already wet pussy. And then notice how she truly loves to be watched while she cums. We all decided that she is definitely one the best models we’ve EVER worked with, if not the best!
    Lots more Angelica to come VERY soon!

  • Stasha – Russian Roommates

    Imagine this… you come home after a long work day, to find Liza and her naughty roommate waiting for you – wearing skimpy, lacy lingerie. Liza and Stasha look pretty comfortable without their clothes on. Perhaps they were sipping on a little vodka to fend off the autumn chill. Things really start to heat up when the girls light a fire and cozy-up next to each other on a fur rug to get warm. As the girls get closer and closer, their soft skin finally rubs together. Mmmmm… so soft! In the closeup shots, you can actually see them both getting turned on and wet. A two-girl treat like this is the perfect way to spend a chilly October night!!!

  • Silvie – Pantyhose Fetish

    Silvie is a super-sexual person, and pantyhose are just one of her favorite fetishes. She just loves the way the sleek, smooth material feels when it’s stretched along her mile-long legs. Silvie got more and more turned on as she pulled her pantyhose up and posed like a supermodel in the mirror. Her nimble fingers found their way to the crotch and made a small rip… an opening just big enough to show you her perfect pussy. Finally, Silvie proceeded to pull her pantyhose down around her knees…. then her ankles. Her legs seem to stretch on forever!

  • Monika – The Dangerous Girl

    New model – Monika – combines the best traits of Penelope Cruz, Megan Fox and Lindsey Lohan. She’s ‘muy caliente’ 21 year-old with stunning looks. One moment she’ll act demure and proper, and the next – totally WILD.

  • Becky – Tiny Bubbles

    Becky looks better than ever in this series; her slender figure all lathered up with sexy suds and bubbles. As usual, her body looks absolutely amazing, and she’s wearing little more than her trademark supermodel smile. Time for some good clean fun! Enjoy this stellar set!