Lily – Summertime Lunch

Lily and Bret planned to have a little lunch date today.
Lily however has another appetizer in mind beforehand. This blondie has a rockin body and a one-of-a-kind smile. She charms her man into countertop sex (who would object?!) and blows his mind, like I’m sure she will blow yours :-) Summertime is the perfect time for flirtation and flings…AND kitchen rendezvous!
Get a taste of Lily as we welcome her to the wonderful world of X-Art!
It’s lunchtime ;-)

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Sammy – Highrise Rendezvous

X Art Sammy - Highrise Rendezvous

Guess what we have for you tonight?
A little Sammy/Jake action in a chic highrise Sao Paulo apartment…that’s what :-) These two had great chemistry from the start (and there’s definitely magic in the Brazil air!) See Sammy in her sexy glasses…and then see her slip out of her lacy blue lingerie and get bent over the office chair by Jake.
Admire her porcelain skin and long legs in some impressive sex positions.
It’s a highrise rendezvous!

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Lisa – Yours Forever

This may be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen Lisa! She’s like a rare, wild flower that just radiates happiness (and AMAZING sexual energy!)
Enjoy Lisa’s incredible body and her equally incredible orgasm, then be in even more awe of her blowjob skills. Wow. If you can hold out until she climbs on top of her man, you will LOVE the way they fuck…so passionately!
Did I mention a delicious finish?
Cum witness something spectacular!
Yours Forever

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Keira & Gina – Rock Me Baby

X Art Keira & Gina - Rock Me Baby

There’s nothing better than sex and rock ‘n roll! Or really any kind of music that puts you in the mood. For Gina, our newest little Russian X-Art hottie, that’s anything with a good beat that makes her move her hips…and for her boyfriend Mathew, anything that Gina likes ;-)
So with the good vibes flowing, these two start getting it on (but not without a little foreplay first). As Gina is climaxing, they see Keira walk in the bedroom.
Both Gina and Mathew look at her with passionate, inviting eyes like “Let’s do this you sexy thing” I say YES PLEASE!
Rock me baby!

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The Red Fox & Keira – Tie Her Up For Me

In this sultry menage a trois, we have the fiery Red Fox, raven-haired babe Keira, and Mr. sexpert himself, Jake.
It starts out with the girls getting cozy with one another (topless making out with a sturdy rope in hand). Lucky for Keira, she gets to be tied up, ankles to wrists, just as Jake walks in the room. Then the immense pleasure begins — with each position being hotter than the last.
So cum see already!
And do me a favor…tie her up for me :-)

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Caprice – Any And All For You

X Art Caprice - Any And All For You

We love Caprice and Marcello! Just being in the presence of this beautiful couple brings joy and erotic excitement to a room (bedrooms especially!) And what’s great about these two is that they are always keeping things exciting, including some back door play once in a while. You will love the way Caprice – blindfolded and tied up – lures Marcello in to her sexy web, then captures his undivided attention (and massive boner ;-))
The passion is palpable and the energy is HOT…like fireworks on the 4th of July!

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Chloe Loves Carl Part II

Colette here: I had to add a prescript (is that a word) to this set. Chloe and Carl are the first couple Brig and I ever shot and almost 7 years later here they are again, together and happily married. Dreams do come true. This really happens….love them, like we do. Thank you Basti and Petra for bringng them back! Chloe awakens in the morning before Carl — to brew some coffee and plan the day. Just to her luck, Carl is an early riser as well (anatomically speaking ;-)) and may have a treat in the bed if she dares to jump back in.

Hmm…she takes the risk and crawls across to him. Then after some passionate kissing, Chloe straddles Carl’s face, letting him say “good morning” to her sweet, young pussy :-) She returns the greeting to him and his hard cock with some sucking and much anticipated fucking. Mmm her ass is perfectly plump and delicious too.
P.S. Chloe is obviously older than 18 now.
That is the age she was in her model photo.

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Lisa – Give Me More Part II

After Lisa gets herself hot and very very wet, her man Max appears and is ready to rock her world (even better than she just did herself ;-))
He’s dying for a taste of her perky breasts and perfectly moist pussy, and then have some more fun on their sofa. Lisa loves Max’s big muscles and his big hard cock, and just moves in ecstasy as she rides him from all angles. We are loving this couple!
They are so HOT! Cum see!

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Caprice – Sexy In The City

In a beautiful place like Sao Paulo, Brazil, it’s easy to let loose and drift into sexy vacation mode!
This time Caprice is enjoying some relaxation and selfie-time when Marcello arrives and joins her on the bed. Since Caprice is already naked, it’s her man’s clothes that need to come off next. What a HOT scene this is!! You will die while watching Caprice move, as Marcello gives it to her from behind.

Mmmm…just add an incredible blowjob and some more incredible sex and you have a 10!
This is Sexy In The City!

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Julie – Lovers Way

Julie and George are ready to blow your mind in the ultra HOT lovemaking scene.
One glance at Julie’s body and you will want to crawl in bed with them. This pair has incredible chemistry and certainly knows how to let go (in the best way possible!) You’ll enjoy Julie’s beautiful body – including her bouncing breasts and perfect ass as she moves so perfectly on George’s hard cock.

Mmm…it’s oh so good :-)
Right this way to Lovers Way!

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