In Love With Little Caprice

X Art In Love With Little Caprice

If you aren’t already head over heels in love with the famous and beautiful Little Caprice, you will be after seeing what’s to come!
She and her new husband Markus (aka Marcello Bravo) are vacationing in the U.S. and soaking up some California sun! We get a special sneak peek into the newlyweds’ first of many honeymoon love fests.
Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous girl as your own?
Even for one night!
P.S. she and her new husband are swingers so you just might get lucky….

  • X Art In Love With Little Caprice
  • Lilly Ivy – The World at Her Knees

    X Art Lilly Ivy - The World at Her Knees

    Probably one of the most beautiful women (at 20 years old) inside and out to grace X-Art is Lilly Ivy.
    She was hand-picked and shot in an intmate setting by Brigham himself in a very close up POV style that I know you have all come to miss. Get ready for the likes of Tiffany, Caprice and Francesca: Lilly Ivy is right there with them and you will only see this couple having hot sex up very, very close for you at X-Art.
    A popular cam model, this will be the first time anyone has seen Lilly making hot love to her 23 year old boyfriend. They are so in love and into each other it all flowed naturally the first time. Put on your voyeur hats and get ready to feel right there. Brigham has invited you in again.
    Come and play with us, it’s like nothing else you can imagine.
    Welcome Lilly Ivy!

  • X Art Lilly Ivy - The World at Her Knees
  • Chrissy Fox – Freckle-Faced Fox

    X Art Chrissy Fox - Freckle-Faced Fox

    It always is very exciting and erotically intense when a new X-Art Girl decides to fuck a lucky guy as we watch.
    With Chrissy Fox, anticipation on the set was high. After all, the strawberry blonde babe with the fabulous curves is so damn cute and exudes sexuality. And about the time she was gently sucking Jake’s cock as he licked her pussy – god, I love 69! – we all realized that this was something special. Watch as Chrissy takes him deep inside her dripping wet pussy – and total passion takes over.
    Multiple orgasms are the best!
    Ready for some fabulous, freckle-faced fucking?
    You will love it.

  • X Art Chrissy Fox - Freckle-Faced Fox
  • Sara Luvv – A Fucking Picnic

    X Art Sara Luvv - A Fucking Picnic

    So who wants to capture the last few days of Summer outside and fucking Sara’s light litttle gymnast’s body? Ok, don’t all jump to answer at once. Who would iike to have this be your cock about to go into her ever so cute and ever so skilled at deep-throating smiling mouth???
    Yes, yes I hear you. Well this is just a little taste of what’s to cum when you get to have a “fucking picnic” with X-Art cutie Sara.
    Reverse cowgirl anyone?
    She loves it when you look at her tight ass. I bet the only thing you will have an appetite for is HER.
    Have fun, pack light.

  • X Art Sara Luvv - A Fucking Picnic
  • Susie – My Blue Heaven

    X Art Susie - My Blue Heaven

    Someone definitely is hot in the kitchen! And, guys, how do you spell “instant erection”?
    Susie and her boyfriend Steven are back and HOTTER than ever! This stunning blonde can tease a man to death with the best of them, but what a way to go! Her jaw-dropping good looks, tanned and tight body, tempting lips, and sexual playfulness are here for your total enjoyment. And when the kitchen capers turn to a fucking frolic, you will not be able to resist her.
    Whatever Susie wants, Susie gets!
    Sounds like heaven to me.

  • X Art Susie - My Blue Heaven
  • In the Woods – and Inside Izzy!

    X Art In the Woods - and Inside Izzy!

    What is it about Czech girls?
    X-Art fans love them, and probably no one more than the luscious, incredibly gorgeous Izzy. What a beauty – and she gets so turned on knowing that you love to watch her fuck in romantic settings. Some of you like outdoor scenes. Done! (I told you that we are here to meet all of your sexual desires).
    Lucky for you, Izzy is very athletic, and a hike in the woods – doesn’t she kill you in those short jeans? – just increases her desire to pitch a tent, become one with nature, and suck and fuck Jake until you cum along with them. Trust me – you will! I cannot get enough of this stunning blonde as she takes it from behind and enjoys multiple orgasms.
    And this piece of erotic female perfection is smart and funny as well!

  • X Art In the Woods - and Inside Izzy!
  • Aubrey – Domination – Part I

    X Art Aubrey - Domination - Part I

    I shot these gorgeous photos and produced this movie months ago, but I’ve been waiting to release it because first, I thought the action was so real that it was a little too naughty for X-Art, plus I wanted to wait for the 50-Shades hype to fade so we could express how a real Dominant-Submissive lovemaking session actually looks and feels.

    And, as with every scene we shoot – especially those that show domination, it’s important to point out that extra care and caution is given to be absolutely sure that Aubrey was safe, comfortable, and enjoying herself during the entire production.
    She actually describes it as “one of the most intensely erotic experiences of her life”.
    Hope you love it too!

  • X Art Aubrey - Domination - Part I
  • Veronica Rodriguez, Alex Grey – A Fucking Hot Threesome

    X Art Veronica Rodriguez, Alex Grey - A Fucking Hot Threesome

    Want to create some sweet morning memories with two of the sweetest and HOTTEST girls you’ll ever meet?
    Well you’re in the wrong place. There is nothing sweet about this scene. It is simply the hottest video you will ever see with a threesome containing X-Art exclusive model Alex Grey and little latina legend Veronica Rodriguez!
    Make sure you have your heart monitor on. This group will have you on your knees begging for more!

  • X Art Veronica Rodriguez, Alex Grey - A Fucking Hot Threesome
  • Alex Grey – Among The Wildflowers

    X Art Alex Grey - Among The Wildflowers

    How many artists have covered the song, “Wildflower?” I love the lyric, “She’s a free and gentle flower growing wild.” How better to describe our insanely gorgeous Alex Grey?
    When Van Wylde and she started to lovingly kiss and touch one another in the garden, it quickly became clear that we were watching an unstoppable, intense sexual passion develop that would make this day something special. How many guys would love to look into those spellbinding eyes as Alex smiles and slowly sucks your cock? How many of you — guys or girls — would give anything to spread our beauty’s labial flowers and taste her wet, tight teenage pussy?
    When Alex takes Van for the ride of his life and then explodes in hot, orgasmic bliss as he pushes deep inside her, you will get off with these two.
    Trust me!
    Tenderness can become wild — and its sexy.

  • X Art Alex Grey - Among The Wildflowers
  • Alex Grey – California Surf Fever

    X Art Alex Grey - California Surf Fever

    Since they first met on set a few weeks ago, Alex and Tyler have had a crush on each other.
    Tyler is a pro-am surfer and surf instructor in real life, and Alex is a gorgeous model who wanted to “get to know” Tyler a little more. Naturally, Tyler said yes in about one second. The result is a gorgeous, romantic, fuck frolic that is truly X-Art style.
    Notice how beautiful Alex is as she teasingly slips out of her clothes and then seduces her man in the best way possible? Tyler decides that the surf can wait, and indulges in the beauty in his bed. This scene is so hot that our blonde princess just could not stop cumming!
    In fact, these two lovers have been inseparable (in real life) ever since the shoot.
    Cum catch the fever – it’s contagious in Cali!

  • X Art Alex Grey - California Surf Fever
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