Jessica – Sex Retreat

X Art Jessica - Sex Retreat

It’s time for a little R&R for this fashion model, who’s inviting you to help her work out life’s stresses via HOT sex at her favorite desert resort.
So we are off to Palm Springs with one of the hottest couples on the planet! What makes it so hot you ask? Her perfect lips (both pairs) watching this ballerina wrap herself her boyfriend’s throbbing cock, her flexibility and “fuck me forever” attitude, and lastly…well it’s her secret.
Cum let loose, it’s time for a sex retreat.

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Maria – Light My Fire

X Art Maria - Light My Fire

Get ready to slip your hard cock into Maria’s warm, wet pussy.
You’ll make her moan with ecstasy. Just try to last with this scorching hot, raven-haired girl; she is ready to light your fire.
Trust me it is worth the risk of getting burned.

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Carrie – Still Mine

X Art Carrie - Still Mine

Carrie is one of those girls that leaves you always wanting more.
Maybe it’s the way she flirts, or her impressive sex drive…or the way she just lets go and enjoys the moment. Either way she is so fuckable that you probably want to take her right now. One taste and you’re cock stands to full attention. Then you bend her over the table and watch her pretty face and gorgeous ass as she loses herself while you plunge deeper and deeper inside.
You’ll want to claim her as your own after this.
For now, though, she’s still mine ;-)

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Keira – I Want You To Want Me

X Art Keira - I Want You To Want Me

Keira is putting it all out there tonight.
She’s as sexy as ever and can’t wait for Sebastian’s big hard cock to be inside of her. But first a little show in her black lingerie. Now he’s ready to go and she knows it and all she has to do is look up at him with those deep, dark “fuck me” eyes. His mouth is watering. Watch as she climbs aboard and goes for a ride of a lifetime. You will not wnat to miss this litttle vixen.
It would be a shame.
Enjoy her with us!

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Gina – A Dream Of You (Naked In My Bed)

X Art Gina - A Dream Of You (Naked In My Bed)

Gina is a tiny girl with a major sex drive.
Actually, she is what I’d call cock-obsessed (lucky Mathew!) She gets turned on seeing his morning erection and begins to masturbate. It doesn’t take long before she crawls on top of him, waking him in the best way EVER possible.
Watch Gina suck and fuck Mathew like never before.
She knows what he likes…and maybe what you like too. XO

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Angelica – Spellbound Lovers

X Art Angelica - Spellbound Lovers

In the mood for sex with a supermodel?
Angelica’s been horny all day, so as soon as Ben gets home, she’s already naked and wet, ready to fuck him into another universe. Sound exciting? Grab your box of tissues because the POV puts you so close that you’ll be able to feel her breath as she rides that hard cock and moans in delight.
These two are so in sync that they have simultaneous orgasms.
They’re HOT and ready, so cum join these spellbound lovers!

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Caprice – Deep Down In Me

X Art Caprice - Deep Down In Me

Imagine: Caprice (arguably the most beautiful woman on the planet)…and imagine ~ yourself, DEEP inside her. How many men (and women) around the world have prayed and wished for this moment? AND You can live the dream HERE only at X-Art.
Caprice and Marcello and all of their hot friends that they fuck are exclusive to X-Art. Only at X-Art will you see that huge cock penetrating her tiny pussy. And even better, she and her man are open for sharing! So like the famous quote from the movie Dumb and Dumber, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance..” It might be one in a million but there is one! So check her out closely, just in case you are that lucky one in a million.
Line up boys and get ready to get deep inside Caprice.

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Marica – Cum In Get Wet

X Art Marica - Cum In Get Wet

Imagine this, a long day, a hot bath a HOTTER girl ready to fuck your brains out while you lay back and relax.
They don’t even need to get in the water, she is already wet! Watch her such his huge cock in her tiny mouth and see just how much of it she can handle. With her young, tight pussy dripping in anticipation, she grips him and bends over offering an irresistible view. Wouldn’t you like to slide into that.
Cum inside and GET WET.
I’m steaming just thinking about it.

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Hannah – Why I Love Czech Girls By Matthew

X Art Hannah - Why I Love Czech Girls By Matthew

This is the story of why I love Czech girls so much.
Number one they are stunning shades of blonde (like Hannah here) and all shades in between are also great. I find the blonde ones to be the sluttiest though. 2) They are great at sucking cock (again like Hannah here) 3) And when I get my cock sucked by a gorgeous Czech beauty she usually asks me to cum on her face. 4) They have a special technique that makes me want to cum whenever I see a Czech girl. 5)
There are lots of other reasons I like Czech girls, but these are the only ones I can think of “right” now.

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Katherine, Angelica – One Show For Each

X Art Katherine, Angelica - One Show For Each

The show for you tonight is one of epic sexual proportions.
Two bisexual beauties in perfect attire (black heels, stockings and garter belts) start by licking and finger fucking each other’s wet pussies, only to see Ben watching and waiting to join. It’s Angelica’s turn and Katherine is observing the two lovers go at it. She’s now beyond ready to go and wants to show Ben how bad she wants his cock inside of her.
After both girls are freshly orgasm’d, they join efforts and bring Ben to an explosive orgasm.
It’s one show for each (and four orgasms, if you cum too?)

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