J’adore Lisa

X Art J'adore Lisa

Imagine Lisa greeting you at the door, taking you by the hand, pulling you in to her living room, and flinging you into a chair in front of her…just before she gave you “that look” and began to strip her lovely clothes off her even more lovely body. Now stop imagining and open your eyes, as she’s right in front of you, just dying to impress you as she pleasures herself.
This sexy girl could do just about anything and turn you on…am I right??
J’adore Lisa!

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Jenna – Elevated Erotica

X Art Jenna - Elevated Erotica

Ready for another Brazilian rendezvous?
This time our American beauty Jenna has her first fling with our European stud Jake. We know you’ve all been waiting for these two to finally get together – well the time has come! (and it is HOT as hell!) Step inside and be elevated to sexual heights you’ll rarely experience.
This Sao Paulo highrise was flooded with incredible sexual energy and gorgeous light.
I’m pretty sure you will like the view ;-)

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Eve A – Breakfast At Eve’s

Where better to enjoy a nice breakfast than at Eve’s new modern apartment?! And when I say “breakfast”, I mean a delicious and VERY enjoyable sexual experience.
Are you ready to get in on the action?
Sebastian and Eve know how to take advantage of the fact that counter-height is also “do me from every angle” height ;-)
Yes please!

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Carrol – Be With Me

Get ready to fall in love (yet again) with a stunning brunette X-Art babe!
Carrol is feeling frisky and wants to get it on with Mike before they’re off to dinner. You’ll definitely see she’s got quite the appetite when she’s naked and on top of her man, riding him sooooo gooood! Mmm and then back on her back where you can cum with them both.
Turns out Mike was just as hungry as Carrol, as he goes down on her and brings her to orgasm one last time.
Ahh, what a man…And what a woman!
Wow! Be with me now :-)

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Caprice – In The Blind

HOLY HOTNESS!! For the first time ever, see Caprice in a threesome with her man Marcello AND another very lucky guy!
This couple is amazing to start with, and Caprice is pretty much the sexiest girl on the planet. So what is there not to love?! Watch a flirty tie up and blindfold situation turn extra fun when Marcello has Jake sneak in and assist him in pleasuring sweet Caprice.
Once her blindfold is undone, she is freshly orgasm’d and ready to blow and fuck these guys’ brains out.
Get some now…in the blind.
You have to see this!

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Lily – Summertime Lunch

Lily and Bret planned to have a little lunch date today.
Lily however has another appetizer in mind beforehand. This blondie has a rockin body and a one-of-a-kind smile. She charms her man into countertop sex (who would object?!) and blows his mind, like I’m sure she will blow yours :-) Summertime is the perfect time for flirtation and flings…AND kitchen rendezvous!
Get a taste of Lily as we welcome her to the wonderful world of X-Art!
It’s lunchtime ;-)

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Sammy – Highrise Rendezvous

X Art Sammy - Highrise Rendezvous

Guess what we have for you tonight?
A little Sammy/Jake action in a chic highrise Sao Paulo apartment…that’s what :-) These two had great chemistry from the start (and there’s definitely magic in the Brazil air!) See Sammy in her sexy glasses…and then see her slip out of her lacy blue lingerie and get bent over the office chair by Jake.
Admire her porcelain skin and long legs in some impressive sex positions.
It’s a highrise rendezvous!

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Lisa – Yours Forever

This may be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen Lisa! She’s like a rare, wild flower that just radiates happiness (and AMAZING sexual energy!)
Enjoy Lisa’s incredible body and her equally incredible orgasm, then be in even more awe of her blowjob skills. Wow. If you can hold out until she climbs on top of her man, you will LOVE the way they fuck…so passionately!
Did I mention a delicious finish?
Cum witness something spectacular!
Yours Forever

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Keira & Gina – Rock Me Baby

There’s nothing better than sex and rock ‘n roll! Or really any kind of music that puts you in the mood. For Gina, our newest little Russian X-Art hottie, that’s anything with a good beat that makes her move her hips…and for her boyfriend Mathew, anything that Gina likes ;-)
So with the good vibes flowing, these two start getting it on (but not without a little foreplay first). As Gina is climaxing, they see Keira walk in the bedroom.
Both Gina and Mathew look at her with passionate, inviting eyes like “Let’s do this you sexy thing” I say YES PLEASE!
Rock me baby!

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The Red Fox & Keira – Tie Her Up For Me

In this sultry menage a trois, we have the fiery Red Fox, raven-haired babe Keira, and Mr. sexpert himself, Jake.
It starts out with the girls getting cozy with one another (topless making out with a sturdy rope in hand). Lucky for Keira, she gets to be tied up, ankles to wrists, just as Jake walks in the room. Then the immense pleasure begins — with each position being hotter than the last.
So cum see already!
And do me a favor…tie her up for me :-)

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