Alex Grey – A Deep Awakening

X Art Alex Grey - A Deep Awakening

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for…beautiful Alex Grey has her first boy-girl sex scene EVER AND ONLY for X-Art will you see her! How often do you get to experience sexual bliss with a girl that looks like a supermodel?
If you want a taste of what’s to cum, take a peek at these super hot pics. And to kick of our next round of incredible content and new hot models, the video is coming tonight too.
I am personally attached to this video and set of photos. Alex you look stunning, you are perfect! And I hope everyone let’s this gorgeous girl know how thankful we are that she shares her body and insatiable sexuality with us!
Come inside and you can tell her yourself ;-)

  • X Art Alex Grey - A Deep Awakening
  • Aubrey – Bound By Desire

    X Art Aubrey - Bound By Desire

    X-Art exclusive teen hottie Aubrey has been bound by many things – rope, shackles, handcuffs, silk ties…and this time she’s bound by desire.
    Desire for another lustful sex session with her newest crush Tyler. The chemistry is always hot with these two but this time a little kinkiness added to the passion makes for SUPER HOT sex.
    Cum see what I mean…

  • X Art Aubrey - Bound By Desire
  • Riley Reid – Are You Man Enough?

    X Art Riley Reid - Are You Man Enough?

    Are you man enough to handle the super-eroticism of little Riley Reid?
    She’s a handful (in the best way EVER) and has already proven she can handle two or even three men at once, so we’d never doubt her abilities. You (man or woman) on the other hand better get rock hard (or wet) and ready for this impressive cock eater. It’s only a start for her and many other gorgeous models who are shooting some majorly hot stuff for X-Art AS WE SPEAK!
    Cum join the fun :-)

  • X Art Riley Reid - Are You Man Enough?
  • Arianna – Seize The Moment

    X Art Arianna - Seize The Moment

    Arianna and Xander meet at a mutual friend’s party and quickly take their flirting to fucking when they slip away to the guest house and slip out of their clothing.
    This mid-afternoon romp is beautifully erotic, especially when our brunette babe takes Xander’s thick cock so deep in her tight, wet pussy. The energy between these two is electric, and the sex is HOT.
    You’ll want to seize the moment too when you take a peek into this lovefest.

  • X Art Arianna - Seize The Moment
  • Alex Grey – Angel Dust

    The time has cum for our little angel Alex Grey to have her orgasmic X-Art debut here for your viewing pleasure.
    This little hottie rhythmically and beautifully treats herself to a five-star finger fucking. Your mouth will water and body will ache to see more of this gorgeous girl…and you will very soon!
    For now, enjoy the Memorial Holiday and the angel dust this beauty leaves behind.
    It tastes so so sweet.

    Watch the full length HD video

  • x-art_alex_grey_angel_dust
  • Aubrey, Kennedy – Girls Just Want To Have Fun

    X Art Aubrey, Kennedy - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

    As Cyndi Lauper would say, “Girls just want to have fun”…and that’s precisely what Aubrey and new hottie Kennedy are mastering in the bedroom today – extreme fucking fun :-)
    The girls’ beautifying turns naughty (I’m talking mouth-watering pussy play) leading to some INTENSE orgasms.
    The passion is real and the fun has just begun…so what are you waiting for?

  • X Art Aubrey, Kennedy - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  • Addison C – Above The Air

    X Art Addison C - Above The Air

    When Addison meets Michael Vegas, what happens is a beautiful collision of lustful romance and erotic naughtiness.
    She’s feeling light and beautiful (and horny and wet) and ready to rendezvous. This beauty loves reverse cowgirl and deeeeeep penetration…and a lot of other hot stuff too.
    Want to fly with her?
    This set soars high above the air, and is sure to be awesomely arousing.

  • X Art Addison C - Above The Air
  • Aubrey – Hippie Chic

    X Art Aubrey - Hippie Chic

    Aubrey Star has her second time with new real life crush – Cali surfer boy, Tyler…and we get a sneak peek into their beach house romp.
    The energy is mystical and the lighting just beautiful. I can’t think of a better way to spend my day than join this bohemian beauty in pure ecstasy.
    Who agrees?
    Aubrey is HOT and wet and hippie chic!

  • X Art Aubrey - Hippie Chic
  • Arianna – Take Your Picture

    X Art Arianna - Take Your Picture

    When you get lucky enough to have a night with a girl as stunning as Arianna it would be normal for you to want to memorialize her perfection in photos.
    Especially if you are am amateur photographer like Michael (or maybe’s he’s a pro, not sure). But it was one of those nights that pictures or not, one will never forget! Especially her bedroom eyes with her mascara running down her face.
    An animalistic and loving night that will forever edge a hitch onto their bedposts and will make you cum back again and again in your dreams and if you are lucky in real life too!

  • X Art Arianna - Take Your Picture
  • Dina – Capture Me

    X Art Dina - Capture Me

    As Dina enters the room wearing stilettos and lingerie, it’s obvious she only has one thing in mind. Jake on the other hand, wants to first capture her gorgeous body and doll-like face, so he starts snapping pictures of her.
    She smiles and flirts while persistently crawling across the bed toward him. The real fun begins when Dina pulls her panties aside for Jake to get a closer look, and finally he ditches the camera (as anyone would!) and captures her the way she’s been wanting.

  • X Art Dina - Capture Me
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