Pam, Aika – Instant Erotica

X Art Pam, Aika - Instant Erotica

Click here if you like seeing two hot babes get naked and fuck each other for your personal pleasure. Definitely click here if you like lesbian action, wet and ready pussies, perky tits, beautiful erotica and orgasms (or really any of the above).
Aika and Pam are new and ready to show you a VERY good time. But first they show each other a good time. Hold on…there’s a lot of pleasure coming your way.
It’s instant erotica!

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Keira – Sparks

X Art Keira - Sparks

Keira and Jake escape a formal dinner they are attending to rendezvous in Jake’s hotel room upstairs. The sexual tension at the table was just too much and they couldn’t wait another second to have one another. Once they’re alone at last, the heat intensifies…the clothes are ripped off…they want each other NOW. Keira looks Jake in the eyes as she devours his rock hard cock in her pretty little mouth.
He picks her up, carries her to the bed, and they fuck each other masterfully. They even bring out a little toy to increase the pleasure (because you can’t have too much of that, right?). Holy HOTNESS this is incredible.
Join them…capture the sparks!

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Lisa’s Hidden Cam

Lisa and Max may be the hottest couple on the planet, and they are of course EXCLUSIVE to X-Art.
These two have so much chemistry, it’s unreal. I’m sure they have steamy sex daily, but we are lucky to join them in the bedroom every so often and this time our goddess Lisa tells Max, “I want you to fuck me so hard, and I want to be filming.” Hmm one might say, a little power play? Of course he is immediately turned on and he (of course) says “Ready when you are babe!” The “babe” comment almost kiled the mood, but they got it back (and I’m making the “babe” part up anyway (lol).
Well they must have used a REALLY good camera because this video will blow your mind (and something else!)

Watch the full length HD video

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Jenna, Aliyah – Cat Fight

X Art Jenna, Aliyah - Cat Fight

If cat fights and parties of three turn you on (or at least spark your curiosity), then get ready for this SUPER HOT scene with Jenna, new babe Aliyah, and Brett.
These girls are horny and willing to fight for Brett’s attention and rock hard cock. They might not play gently, but they seem to have mastered the formula for incredible group sex!
Want to see what I mean?
Get ready for a cat fight! (Scratching, slapping and hair pulling all possible ;-))

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Caprice, Angelica, The Red Fox, Keira – Quadratic Sexquation

X Art Caprice, Angelica, The Red Fox, Keira - Quadratic Sexquation

If ax^2+bx+c=0, then what is x? If you’re not a math expert, then you should probably let four of the SEXIEST women on the planet get naked, fuck each other, and then give you a hand with the answer (or at least distract you from caring) ;-) This foursome is a beautiful neopolitan of EXCLUSIVE X-Art sexiness.
You will looooove their skill set and how these ladies will show you how they make each other cum! Ready to study some algebra or what’s that long word for pussy eating? Cum solve this quadratic sexquation!
These exclusive X-Art beauties are alone worth the price of membership. Where in the world will you find such a combo, so hot for each other and willing to share their boyfriends.
Oh My God! Unreal!

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Arianna – She’s A Spinner

Watch this sexy little spinner slide onto her man’s cock.
She has it all – brains, beauty (what a cute face) and that tiny body often referred to as a spinner! Cum inside and join to see what magic tricks this little angel can and will do to you!

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Tiffany’s Tight Ass

Attention X-Art lovers of our one and only original Tiffany: We have an AMAZING surprise for you! (if you enjoy first times and/or back door love), you’ve come to the right place. This is EXCLUSIVELY for X-Art (soon to also be featured for members on our new site (but we wanted to get this scene to our loyal members now).
Tiffany wanted to try and decided she was ready to explore her oh-so-tight ass. This video alone is worth the cost of joining. Watch her lucky boyfriend of 10 years get his first try on camera.
Cum inside.

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Susie – Taste Me

Susie and her boyfriend Steven are back to remind us just how HOT their sex life is :-)
Last time they invited another man into their bed to give Susie double the pleasure. This time it’s the two of them giving it all to one another – first with some of the hottest 69 action I’ve ever seen (you will loooove the way this girl moves on top of her man), then some cowgirl with a POV that shows off her incredible ASSets, and to finish….well you will have to watch and see ;-)
Cum on…touch me, taste me…

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Jenna – Sexy And Wild

X Art Jenna - Sexy And Wild

If you have not yet combined oral skills with gymnastics, it’s about time.
Let Jenna show us how to receive some and give some, as she and Jake get all limber in the Brazilian heat… I know I would like to try… So how about a headstand to start off with?
It can only get sexier and wilder with these two…. ;-)

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Caprice – Paint Me White

Let’s mix it up a little by mixing up some paint and letting these two sexy lovebirds go wild!
Okay so they don’t go super wild in the sense of painting, but they certainly do in the sense of sex. Thank you Caprice for being flexible and thank you whoever left that ladder for their use! Do you like sex standing up?
I certainly do! Let Caprice and Marcello inspire you to get creative…and paint each other white (in more ways than one maybe? ;-))

Watch the full length HD video

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