Jenna – Dripping Desires

X Art Jenna - Dripping Desires

The flirting and frolicking of an afternoon at the winery continues into the evening with Jenna and Tyler.
The vino seems to have gotten these two hot and horny because as soon as they make it to the bedroom, it’s all over (meaning the fun has just begun). The heat between these two is intense, which makes for some super HOT sucking and fucking…and squirting!
Cum see what I mean. It’s quite impressive!

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Kim – Do Me Darling

X Art Kim - Do Me Darling

Step into a sexy century where a pretty little blonde darling and her handsome gentleman explore their sexual chemistry.
Imagine this babe giving you a “come hither” look, then inviting you to join her on the bed. You KNOW a good time is about to be had. Watch her put her man’s cock in her delicate mouth and pussy. You just might love it as much as they both did.
Cum on…do me darling.

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Alina – Spanish Heat

X Art Alina - Spanish Heat

It’s always a good time to strip down in this late summer heat – especially when you’re in company of our newest Spanish sex babe Alina and her handsome hunk Fernando.
This little hot tamale will make you drool from the second she crawls on top of her man with her super short jean shorts. Then enjoy them strip each other down and go at it in all sorts of steamy positions.
The passion is real and the pleasure is abundant.
Cum get some Spanish heat!

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Caprice & Angelica – Awe Inspiring Orgy

X Art Caprice & Angelica - Awe Inspiring Orgy

To continue where the goddesses left off…we have a beautiful group sex rendezvous in a spacious apartment.
Interested in joining? There is some impressive multi-fucking and plennnnty of pleasure to go around. You will be gripping your cock and ready to join in on the fun. Let me tell you…there are MANY opportunities in this awe-inspiring orgy!
So cum…and then cum some more…

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The Red Fox, Kim – Double Oh Heaven

X Art The Red Fox, Kim - Double Oh Heaven

Secret agents Kim and The Red Fox embark on a covert mission to capture and seduce the James Bond of erotica, also known to X-Art fans as Jake. Their plan starts out with some diversion tactics but quickly falls apart as these erotically-inclined agents become extremely wet and horny. Before they know it, these babes are naked and in a very pleasurable sex tangle.
This set is mysterious and HOT.
Get ready for “Double Oh Heaven.”

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Kacey Jordan – Fashionably Irresistible

X Art Kacey - Fashionably Irresistible

Kacey Jordan is a California girl who loves fashion and fun, so it was easy to see that she would fit right in with X-Art (And Colette has been wanting her to work with X-Art for about five years, so we’re thrilled to have her join us!) This little thing reminds me of Posh Spice – she has a fierce attitude but can be super playful too.
Just wait and see when she gets ahold of Alex’s big hard cock. Between Kacey’s petite, wet pussy and Alex’s massive boner, they both are in for a treat. And don’t miss the explosive ending.
WOW. It’s fashionably irresistible!

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Ivy – Hot Bath For Two

The seasons are changing and it’s time to sneak away and get cozy with your lover.
Ivy and Sebastian do just that…and after a day exploring the beautiful outdoors, they retreat back to their luxe hideaway for some relaxation. Maybe it’s being in the woods and away from the city, but these two were dying to get it on! So that they did, in a super HOT bath for two!

P.S. I’m pretty sure they went a few more rounds that evening (after the cameras stopped rolling). Maybe there’s room in their bath for three next time (or four?!) :-)

Watch the full length HD video

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Caprice, Angelica, The Red Fox & Keira – Fuck Me Four Ways

This foursome is a beautiful neopolitan of EXCLUSIVE X-Art sexiness.
You will looooove their skill set as these ladies show you how they make each other cum! These exclusive X-Art beauties are alone worth the price of membership. Where in the world will you find such a combo, so hot for each other and willing to share their boyfriends? Oh My God! Unreal!
They’ll have you begging “Fuck me four ways!”

Watch the full length HD video

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Pam, Aika – Instant Erotica

X Art Pam, Aika - Instant Erotica

Click here if you like seeing two hot babes get naked and fuck each other for your personal pleasure. Definitely click here if you like lesbian action, wet and ready pussies, perky tits, beautiful erotica and orgasms (or really any of the above).
Aika and Pam are new and ready to show you a VERY good time. But first they show each other a good time. Hold on…there’s a lot of pleasure coming your way.
It’s instant erotica!

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Keira – Sparks

X Art Keira - Sparks

Keira and Jake escape a formal dinner they are attending to rendezvous in Jake’s hotel room upstairs. The sexual tension at the table was just too much and they couldn’t wait another second to have one another. Once they’re alone at last, the heat intensifies…the clothes are ripped off…they want each other NOW. Keira looks Jake in the eyes as she devours his rock hard cock in her pretty little mouth.
He picks her up, carries her to the bed, and they fuck each other masterfully. They even bring out a little toy to increase the pleasure (because you can’t have too much of that, right?). Holy HOTNESS this is incredible.
Join them…capture the sparks!

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