Daphne – Take Me Now

X Art Daphne - Take Me Now

You know when you meet someone that you’re instantly drawn to and can’t help but lust for them until the time comes when you both give in and it’s just AMAZING sex…well that’s what happens here with Daphne and Jake. They met long before their first time together, but it made for that much more enjoyment once they could finally taste and feel and fuck one another.
Our newest brunette beauty is only getting started, so wel-cum her appropriately :-)

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Kaylee & Izzy – Blondes Love Brunettes

X Art Kaylee & Izzy - Blondes Love Brunettes

Kaylee and Izzy are definitely two of our hottest exclusive X-Art models and it is just our luck that they have wanted to get together and try some Girl on Girl action.
If you remember Kaylee had all her firsts with us (solo masturbation, her first lesbian experience and then her first sex scene). Now see how her skills with the softer sex have gotten even hotter. This is one video that bisexual girls, straight girls or men who love lesbians will not want to miss!

P.S. This reminds me of the time when I used to get drunk and make out with my hot brunette friend a few years ago (we had a steamy affair for about a year and Brig knew..)#memories

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Izzy – Spread Across The Floor

X Art Izzy - Spread Across The Floor

Izzy’s getting flirtatious and frisky on the floor with Jake, and they’re wasting no time.
Just as our X-Art stud gets a taste of this blondie’s sweet pussy, she’s begging for him to fill her up as she spreads herself across the floor. As the pleasure intensifies, she lifts her ass into the air and takes his big cock from behind.
They switch up the pace and before you know it, Izzy’s licking her wetness off of Jake’s pulsating cock, filling up her mouth and bringing the pleasure to an explosive ending.
Don’t miss it!

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Jessica & Summer – In The Mirror

Jessica and Summer have been lusting for one another since they danced ballet together years ago.
Finally their fantasies cum true as they lick and finger fuck one another into oblivion. This lesbian sex is beautiful and passionate – some of the best yet!
And the orgasms are real and intense…just so damn HOT.
Cum see what I mean, the girls won’t mind a third hot body in the room.

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Teal, Miu – Selfie Love

X Art Teal, Miu - Selfie Love

In a world of self love and self-involvement, we’d like to take a moment to show you a really HOT variety – that of two sexy bisexual fashion models, enjoying each other in the best way possible.
Join these beautiful girls as they kiss and lick and finger fuck each other passionately and intimately.
It’s the best kind of selfie love you could imagine…cum see!

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Bea, Adel – Let Me Join You

X Art Bea, Adel - Let Me Join You

What is your ideal threesome?
With your partner and a one-night kind of lover? Or two friends with “benefits”?
Well for this European couple, they wanted to have some fun and invite a new friend over to join them in a little casual sex. I’d say they definitely had fun (and some impressive orgasms) by the looks of it!
Cum take a walk on the wild side…and let me join you in mutual pleasure.

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Kaylee – Best Friends With Benefits

Kaylee and Jake have been friends for years, but this is the first time EVER that their admiration for one another combines with their built up sexual tension to produce some of the hottest “friend sex” you’ll EVER see!
They’re literally laughing and playful one second then fucking on the countertop the next. Have you ever imagined a scenario like this in your sexual fantasies? Maybe these two can show you exactly what best friends with benefits really looks like :-) And maybe, just maybe it will lead to more….
I am happy for them!

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Veronica – Cum Worthy

X Art Veronica - Cum Worthy

How is it that Veronica (I ADORE HER) can bring so much pleasure to anyone she embraces?
I think I might be able to shed some light on this erotic phenomenon. It’s simple, really…she’s hot as hell and passionate with everything (and everyone) she does! And what’s better fuel for life than doing what you love and loving what you do? This stunning Latina is the definition of sugar and spice with a lot of fire in her, and she’s ready to ignite a passion within you!
I promise it will be beyond a worthy use of your time to watch this couple ignite!
Watch out because you just could explode…

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Caprice – Bring Me To My Knees

Caprice surprises Marcello by blindfolding and tying herself up for him to enjoy however he wishes.
Her only desire is that he uses both her mouth and pussy to get both of them off. The restraint turns him on, as he slides both the rope and his zipper down, bringing Caprice to her knees. She blindly searches for his growing cock, begging to taste it deep in her mouth.
Standing her up, he removes her blindfold and bodice..and I think you can guess what happens next!

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Aubrey, Serena – Cock Sucking (& Fucking) Competition

Three kinds of sexy cum together to make a fucking incredible multi-cultural sexual experience.
Like the sound of it? What would you give to have a shot with these two girls – both unique, gorgeous and horny — ready to show you the time of your life. The wet and ready pussies of Spain and the USA join forces to conquer one giant throbbing cock…you tell us who cums out on top ;-)
A cross-continent event like never before and off the press!

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