The Red Fox – Catching Up

X Art The Red Fox - Catching Up

I hope you’ve been lucky enough to experience the incredible chemistry between The Red Fox and our sexy man Jake. Ever since their first lustfest, I’m pretty sure they’ve both been wishing for another chance with one another… so of course we were happy to arrange the opportunity for them to “catch up.”
Enjoy witnessing the beautiful thing that is soooooo HOT between these two – I think it’s actually an addiction.
But can you blame them? You will be addicted too (if you aren’t already!) :-)

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Angelica – Russian Connection

Some connections are developed gradually over time…and then others are instantaneous.

For Angelica and Ben, it was definitely the latter. Their sexual chemistry soars above most (both on and off screen!) and they make you yearn for a piece of it! Watch this Russian goddess beautifully strip and seduce her man until he can’t stand it anymore and surrenders to her deliciously sweet ass and pussy. She returns the favor with some mouth-watering cock sucking, then some missionary and cum-from-behind play.
It’s a Russian connection…

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Eufrat & Jessica – Lonesome Without You

Eufrat and Jessica are two of the most beautiful and enchanting women you will ever meet (or virtually meet ;-))
Aside from their sexual adeptness and mystery that will draw you in, these girls have so much chemistry with one another that you will be dying to join them on the LOVE seat. Enjoy their beautiful bodies and wet pussies…and the incredible and very real orgasms!
They will be lonesome without you :-)

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Casey – Rendezvous

X-art Casey - Rendezvous

Jake is currently involved, but one look at Casey and he knew he had to have her. Before he could properly devise an action plan, he blurted out an invitation, asking her to go back to his place with him. Lucky for Jake (and us), she accepted the invitation :-) After receiving the particulars, she leaned over and whispered to him to go ahead and she would be there soon – as not to bring attention to the pair escaping together.

Flash forward to Jake anxiously anticipating Casey’s arrival. As she finally enters, his fate is in her hands. Watch as Casey masterly sucks Jake’s cock before turning to sit on his lap and ride him until she orgasms. Then Jake gets behind her and fucks her sooooo good. This sex is HOT. Afterward, she leaves him (and you) dreaming of the next rendezvous. ;-)

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Caprice – Floating Emotions

X-art Caprice - Floating Emotions

With Marcus’s aerielist skills (aka Marcello Bravo) and Caprice’s mystic charm, these two are in for a wonderfully erotic time. Watch the intmacy and intricacy in this beautiful dance between this beautiful couple.
And enjoy the vulnerability displayed, which in intimacy just opens up a new world of optimum pleasure. The sucking and fucking is truly an art form – cum join in on the fun!
It’s floating emotions.

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Susie & Angelica – Insanely Gorgeous

X-art Susie & Angelica - Insanely Gorgeous

For as many words that exist to describe these two stunning X-Art girls, “insanely gorgeous” seems to work perfectly.
Susie is a girl you fall in love with ever time you see her (whether it be with girls or boys…or girls AND boys!), and Angelica is nothing short of an angel (in the sexiest form possible). It seems we hit the mega millions jackpot – in the lesbian erotica kind of way at least ;-) Cum see for yourself!

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Heidi – My Days In Rome

Welcome to the wonderfully erotic world of X-Art sweet Heidi!
We’re so happy to have you join us (and Jake is VERY happy to have you join him)…in Rome! These two have incredible chemistry from the start, so as you can believe, the sex is phenomenal!
I really can’t think of a better way to introduce Heidi to all things sexy and spectacular.
Enjoy! XO

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The Red Fox – All Oiled Up

There’s nothing sexier (in my opinion) than a girl taking her time enjoying pleasuring her man, while getting herself ready-to-go in the process.
Maybe it was The Red Fox’s intention to blindfold Jake and treat him to an amazing blowjob…or maybe she knew it would get her so turned on that she would eventually climb on top of him and put his hard cock inside of her, riding him and enjoying the pleasure together.
Hot Orgasms!

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Susie, Angelica, Heidi – Group Sex

X-art Susie, Angelica, Heidi - Group Sex

When Angelica and Ben invited their three closest friends over for cocktails and “fun”, they probably had no idea just how enjoyable their evening would be.
Where these beautiful people go, sexy times indeed follow. And this occasion is no exception! You will be desperate to join in on the fun — which involves a whole lot of sucking, fucking, and cumming altogether.
Good luck lasting through this beautifully erotic masterpiece!
You will need it ;-)

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Tiffany – At Home With Tiffany

X-art Tiffany - At Home With Tiffany

What better way to complete Valentine’s weekend than to see these two real life lovebirds have a sexy good time at home? There’s really nothing more enjoyable than witnessing true love…and then experiencing some really great sucking and fucking along with it :-)
Tiffany and Brandon are one of a kind (or two of a kind, I guess :-))
Get it on with them tonight!

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