Arianna – Take Your Picture

X Art Arianna - Take Your Picture

When you get lucky enough to have a night with a girl as stunning as Arianna it would be normal for you to want to memorialize her perfection in photos.
Especially if you are am amateur photographer like Michael (or maybe’s he’s a pro, not sure). But it was one of those nights that pictures or not, one will never forget! Especially her bedroom eyes with her mascara running down her face.
An animalistic and loving night that will forever edge a hitch onto their bedposts and will make you cum back again and again in your dreams and if you are lucky in real life too!

  • X Art Arianna - Take Your Picture
  • Dina – Capture Me

    X Art Dina - Capture Me

    As Dina enters the room wearing stilettos and lingerie, it’s obvious she only has one thing in mind. Jake on the other hand, wants to first capture her gorgeous body and doll-like face, so he starts snapping pictures of her.
    She smiles and flirts while persistently crawling across the bed toward him. The real fun begins when Dina pulls her panties aside for Jake to get a closer look, and finally he ditches the camera (as anyone would!) and captures her the way she’s been wanting.

  • X Art Dina - Capture Me
  • Izzy, Dina – Rub Me The Right Way

    X Art Izzy, Dina - Rub Me The Right Way

    Newest model Dina wants to show Jake her many skills – including some deep relaxation techniques and seduction methods (or maybe the second skill just happens as she gets super wet and turned on while straddling him on the bed). Just as her clothing begins coming off, Izzy walks into the room.
    For those few seconds of surprise, all you can do is hope she wants to join in, right?
    Let’s just say the threesome was HOT and the orgasms speak for themselves…

  • X Art Izzy, Dina - Rub Me The Right Way
  • Lisa – Lisa’s Playroom

    X Art Lisa's Playroom

    So we’ve probably all watched “that movie” by now…We have some much better footage coming your way BTW.
    But here for now, we give Lisa the chance to explore (with her husband) some of her deepest sexual desires. He binds her hands while he makes her cum with his mouth, fingers and then a big white dildo. He teases with ice and ropes and she pleases him with crotchless panties and high heels. They also explore her ass for the first time. This tall fashion model gone erotic beauty has brought us along for the ride of her sexual awakening at X-Art.
    She is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, which makes her that much hotter. So sweet and so sexual. If you met Lisa, you would probably fall over in love.
    If you got inside her playroom, you might not be able to do much more than stare at the venus in front of you!
    Lucky for everyone she is willing to share here.
    Cum inside.

  • X Art Lisa's Playroom
  • Tiffany – Do It To Me One More Time

    X Art Tiffany - Do It To Me One More Time

    Can we really ever get enough of Tiffany?
    Personally I can’t stop staring at this stunning couple.
    They stayed at our house during the shoots this week and every day we all got up at 6am to drive to a county where we can shoot our kind of work in peace. But after we all the arrived at the house, the energy became hot and sweet. Tiffany and Brandon have just gotten back together after a short break-up so they were really hot for each other and lucky for us, saved it for our cameras!
    Watch these Super Models having sex one more time…

  • X Art Tiffany - Do It To Me One More Time
  • Kaylee – Hungry For More

    X Art Kaylee - Hungry For More

    Isn’t it awesome when you get with a girl and it is so obvious that you are both crazy about each other.
    The first time is hot, but the second time when you know a little more about each other’s bodies it can be EVEN better. Now we know Jake and Kaylee have had their fair share of hot romps, but I know for a fact that Jake was waiting for a few years to get Kaylee and she was taken and practically a virgin when she came to us at X-Art.
    Now still only at X-Art and with her hot new guy you can see this tiger is back and HUNGRY for more.
    You can practically hear her roar!
    But watch her eyes, that’s the best!

  • X Art Kaylee - Hungry For More
  • Aubrey – The Fantasy Suite

    X Art Aubrey - The Fantasy Suite

    Don’t you wish you had exclusive access to see what REALLY goes on in the reality show fantasy suite? Well now you do!
    Aubrey and Tyler are oozing with feelings for one another and it’s obvious that there’s real sparks! Aubrey feels sexier than ever, and can’t wait to show this surfer guy how tight yet flexible she is. As he fills her up, she falls deeper and deeper in lustful bliss.
    I just love these two together!
    Cum with me into the fantasy suite..

  • X Art Aubrey - The Fantasy Suite
  • Lisa – Dripping Pleasures

    Lisa and Max are the hottest couple I know, and what’s really cool is that their sex life is exactly as it looks – fun, flirty, naughty…and also deeply romantic.
    I seem to think this balance (in sex and in life) is what makes us the happiest. So cum into this couple’s bedroom where they give each other a whole lot of pleasure.
    And if you like oral sex, 69-ing, or giving it to a HOT ASS girl like Lisa from behind (watching and grabbing her ass as it moves so rhythmically), this one is a must see!

    Watch the full length HD video

  • x-art_lisa_dripping_pleasures
  • Tiffany – Good Morning I Love You

    What else could you say if you had the chance to wake up to that gorgeous freckled face and stunning green eyes?
    And then she crawls across the bed and gets on her knees, spreading her pink pussy in contrast to her tan skin and long legs while she begs you to fuck her. Uhh, yep I would at least say Good Morning. Isn’t it funny how some women get more beautiful as they get older? This has definitely happened with Tiffany. She was always pretty, but when she was 18 years old she was cuter and now she is a jaw-dropping, raven-haired beauty to rival the Giselle’s of the world.
    So welcome back Tiffany.
    She is in the mood for love and so will you be after you watch this…

    Watch the full length HD video

  • x-art_tiffany_brandon_good_morning_I_love_you
  • Bree – UnBREElievable

    So Bree Daniels and Manuel Ferrara are two of the hottest people in the erotic business at the present moment.
    Bree has only done a handful of sex scenes and here you get to see her super hot and hard X-Art style with a porn icon. I thought it would be fun to have a contest to name this scene, so we did just that and gave the winner a year membership to both sites for free!
    Congrats @Mungoman for your “UnBREElievable” title.
    It couldn’t be more fitting!

    Watch the full length HD video

  • x-art_bree_manuel_unbreelievable
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