Carlie – Big Toy Orgasm

Carlie is an 18 year old cutie from California. This was her first time posing nude, and she absolutely loved showing off her slender body for the the camera.

Carlie had never seen such a big toy before. At first she wasn’t sure she could handle it, but she was excited to give it a try! Her eyes lit up as she slowly put the shaft in her mouth, wrapping her lips around it. Carlie then straddled the toy and pressed the head firmly against the entrance of her tight pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began to push down with all 98 pounds of her body weight. She relaxed and slowly worked the toy inside, pushing it deeper. To her surprise, a wave of intense pleasure came over her. Her hips rocked back and forth, and her body opened up. She switched positions to take it from behind. Carlie smiled and let out a high pitched moan as the toy pressed just the right spot inside her…

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