Model: Adel M

Adel has such a pure and elegant simplicity about her that you can’t help but want to see more. She looks innocent but is actually secretly horny and loves to be a little naughty. That’s why we love her! Adel really loves girls and knows how to please so cum and see her hot sexual encounters.

Miu, Adel M – Lust At First Sight

Miu is back and she is enjoying a hot summer afternoon in her backyard. She has been working out and her perfect golden body is enjoying the sun. She soon notices a telescope pointing her direction from above, but she is actually intrigued by the sexy girl behind the lens. Adel has taken notice and can’t resist but to want to get closer. These two hot brunettes become fast “friends” and explore every inch of each other. Watch them touch each other in all the right ways and cum in total bliss. A scene not to be missed…