Model: Carlie

Carlie aka Kasey Chase is an 18 year old cutie from California. This was her first time posing nude, and she absolutely loved showing off her slender body for the the camera. Enjoy!

Carlie – Cum Closer

Cute Carlie takes off her pajamas and slides a big blue vibrator into her dripping wet pussy… Carlie looks so cute as she jumps up on our bed, sticking her ass way up high in the air. You can see every detail of her immaculate curves through her skimpy cotton pajamas! She takes her clothes off and starts to play with herself. Her pussy quickly becomes puffy and wet as she gets excited for the camera. Time for something special! Carlie takes out a big baby-blue vibrator, turns it on and starts rubbing it up and down across her clit. You can see the cum dripping out of her… AMAZING! Finally, she pushes the sex toy inside and has an incredible orgasm – for your eyes ONLY. :-)

  • Carlie – Angel Baby

    Carlie is a little mynx. It’s funny how she acts really coy and shy one minute and the next starts going on about how she’s so horny.

  • Carlie & Leila – Strawberries and Wine

    Carlie & Leila - Strawberries and Wine

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    Carlie lifts a strawberry from the plate. She brushes the tip of the fruit against Leila’s soft pink lips, gently forcing them open. Leila responds by dipping her hand into her glass of red wine. She runs her wet middle finger across Carlie’s tiny collarbone, causing an uncontrollable shiver of excitement. The two girls pull closer. Their foreheads lightly touch. With their eyes closed, they press their lips together and share a tender, passionate kiss. The feelings of curiosity are too strong to resist. Carlie pulls Leila’s panties off. Leila lifts her leg behind her head. With her eyes, she begs Carlie to try a taste of her wetness…

  • Carlie & Leila - Strawberries and Wine
  • Carlie – Home Alone

    Naughty 18 year-old Carlie is home all alone tonight, playing dress-up in a pair of see-through lace panties. You watch her as she slowly unties the black straps, letting her panties fall carelessly to the floor. Carlie loves showing off her perky, lean body. She stands atop the staircase on her tippy toes, taunting you

  • Carlie – Beautiful Blowjob

    Beautiful Blowjob features gorgeous 18 year-old amateur Carlie, who tries hard to impress her well-endowed male lover by offering him the most amazing oral sex imaginable. Even as Mr. X’s massive cock becomes rock hard, she somehow manages to swallow it whole, taking it literally all the way down her tiny throat. Even connoisseurs of deep throat will be amazed by her performance! The waves of pleasure that Carlie delivers with her lips, tongue and throat are simply too much for any man to handle. In the final vignette, Mr. X sprays impressive streams of cum all over Carlie’s cute, smiling face.
    This film epitomizes ‘X-Art Style’ … it is explicit, erotic and uncensored – while maintaining a sense of true sexual intimacy and beauty. The film was shot in full HD at 1080p in soft, natural light.
    In the full-length ‘Live Audio’ edition, you experience the intimate sights and sounds of Carlie’s performance without any distracting music – as if you were that lucky mystery man on the receiving end.
    The collectors-worthy ‘Opera Editon’ is set to a 19th-century Italian opera aria. Graceful music accentuates the action on screen, conveying a sense of beauty and drama rarely seen in contemporary erotica.

  • Carlie – Pretty Extreme

    Carlie - Pretty Extreme

    Pretty 18 year old Carlie teases and taunts you as she removes her cotton t-shirt and pink & white striped panties. She reclines on the couch and shows off her flexibility, raising her legs up over her head. She runs her fingers down her long, skinny legs, eventually finding their way to that special place. She gets more and more turned on as she poses for you, eventually getting two fingers inside and opening herself wide for a series of unbelievably HOT high resolution closeups!

  • Carlie - Pretty Extreme
  • Carlie – Big Toy Orgasm

    Carlie is an 18 year old cutie from California. This was her first time posing nude, and she absolutely loved showing off her slender body for the the camera.

    Carlie had never seen such a big toy before. At first she wasn’t sure she could handle it, but she was excited to give it a try! Her eyes lit up as she slowly put the shaft in her mouth, wrapping her lips around it. Carlie then straddled the toy and pressed the head firmly against the entrance of her tight pussy. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began to push down with all 98 pounds of her body weight. She relaxed and slowly worked the toy inside, pushing it deeper. To her surprise, a wave of intense pleasure came over her. Her hips rocked back and forth, and her body opened up. She switched positions to take it from behind. Carlie smiled and let out a high pitched moan as the toy pressed just the right spot inside her…