Model: Francesca

Franziska Facella aka Francesca is a drop-dead gorgeous 18 year-old with a long, slender body, small perky breasts and captivating hazel eyes.I was lucky enough to be one of the very first photographers to work with her, so our early photosets reflect her first foray into nude & erotic modeling. Fran is so much fun to shoot because she really enjoys being in front of the camera! She’ll be the first to admit that she’s pretty much always horny, and she gets turned on thinking about guys (and girls) looking at her pictures.

Francesca – Fishnets

Watch stunning Francesca model some hot crotchless, fishnet stockings and play with her angelic pussy. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Malibu and Francesca is over, she loves going  through my stuff to find sexy things to try on.
She finds some cool fishnet stockings, slips them on and begs me to take some photos (she really loves modeling). We go all around the house shooting until we end up in my bed. Naughty girl that she is, she says why don’t you keep taking the photos while I play with myself, so of course I do. She looks so hot! Anyway, please don’t be too tough on me since this is one of my first sets of her and I am a way better photographer now!
At the end of the set, she gets up and I see the perfect heart shape that her ass makes in the back, so I ask her to lay back down on the bed and show me and she does ;-) <3 ~ Colette
P.S. Francesca has just recently retired from modeling, so I wanted to put up the last few tributes to her. So we can remember and be grateful for an original X-Art favorite, even as we move forward with lots of new models and boy/girl videos ;-)

  • Francesca & Capri – Just the Two of Us

    Francesca and Capri moved closer to each other in bed. Capri inched her hand slowly down Francesca’s body. As she brushed her ribcage and stomach, a wave of goosebumps came over Francesca and her nipples became tiny little points. In a slow dance of seduction, the girls tempted each other. Capri guided Fran’s lips towards her own until they could feel each other’s breath. The sexual energy circled back and forth between these two gorgeous angels, amplifying as it flowed. Capri gently flicked her tongue along Fran’s nipple, causing a wave pleasure that traveled straight through her body. Down on all fours, Capri found the perfect angle. He tongue parted Francesca’s pussy lips and moved in a circular pattern. As the girls kissed again, their tongues met and Francesca tasted her own juices in Capri’s mouth. Happy to return the favor, Fran climbed into the 69 position atop Capri. The girls pressed their tongues into each other…
    Don’t you wish you were there right now with them? What would you do if you were?

  • Francesca – Morning Coffee

    Francesca sips her morning coffee as she slips out of her cotton shirt and pink panties. The warm summer air brushes against her naked skin. She can sense a drop of wetness forming down there, so she lets her fingers explore… First she pushes one finger inside, then another. Mmmm, that’s a tight fit! Once both fingers are all the way inside she tries to spread them apart just a little… but she can’t. The muscles inside her pussy clamp down with a vice-like grip. Francesca gently rubs her swollen, engorged clit. She bucks her hips uncontrollably as the first wave of an incredible orgasm takes hold. You can see the juices dripping out of her… Morning coffee will never be the same!

  • Francesca – Naughty Girl

    Watch Francesca push this massive black sex toy into her tiny pussy… really, really slowly. With the Caribbean ocean in the background, Francesca slowly slips out of her black bikini in a seductive tease. Once fully naked, she reaches down between her legs to see if she’s wet. Apparently the ocean air is quite a turn-on! Francesca is eager to try out her new sex toy – a extra-wide, extra-firm black dildo shaped just like a fat cock. She licks the shaft of the toy and wraps her lips around the head. it is so big, she can barely fit it into her mouth. She wets the tip with her tongue. As she points the head of the toy towards her pussy, she says, “I seriously don’t know if it’s going to fit”. Slowly but firmly, she pushes the head into the opening of her pussy. it takes a couple of minutes to actually get it inside. You can see the lips of her pussy stretching to fit around the head. At last, she manages to push the head inside. She smiles, lets out a big sign of relief, and then recomposes herself – looking directly into the camera. She shifts her position on the bed slightly to get a better angle. she reaches down with one hand, grabbing the toy by the balls and spinning it around so she can get a firm grip. With her other hand, she spreads her pussy lips open, now she can push the toy a little further inside. “What happens if I get on top?” she asks. She raises herself up onto her knees, and pushes back as hard as she can. She manages to get about half of the big black beast inside her tight pussy. She lifts up into doggy-style position, pointing her ass high into the air, the toy stuck firmly inside her. Her pussy grabbing onto it like a vice. Imagine how good it would feel if that were your cock inside her! She reaches back with one hand and pushes the toy as far in as it will go. Apparently the feeling was more than she could handle her knees buckle as she experiences a strong orgasm. She slowly pulls the toy out of her tight dripping pussy and falls onto the bed exhausted. She rests, waiting for you, dreaming of the real thing….

  • Francesca & Caprice – Double the Pleasure

    Gorgeous Francesca and Caprice get creative and make each other cum with a double headed dildo! Francesca and Caprice are lounging in their black and white bikinis, sipping champagne and orange juice. They start making out, Francesca goes down on Caprice. Both girls are getting totally excited and wet. Neither of them have had sex in a while so they decide to try out Francesca’s flesh-colored double -headed dildo. They take turns sliding it into each other until they get too excited to wait. They turn ass-to-ass and start fucking each other, then Francesca gets on top and slides the dildo deep into Caprices tight pussy, she fucks her from the top until they both reach a quivering climax.

  • Francesca – Beauty in Blue

    Francesca is working on her mainstream modeling career and it’s going well. She has a gorgeous, unique look. Here she is posing and stripping out of her little blue nightie.
    Beautiful shots from behind at the end.

  • Francesca – Flesh for Fantasy

    Sexy blond Francesca fucks a fat cock and stretches her tight pussy until she cums like crazy! She’s is a sweet, demure girl on the outside. But on the inside, Francesca is a sexual adventuress – always wiling to try kinky new things! She crawls into bed with her ass pointed high in the air, wearing white cotton panties and a tight pink tank top. As Fran slips her panties off over her feet, she starts to play with her pussy. First, she slides one finger inside – then two fingers! “Oooh! That’s a tight fit!” She can feel the muscles inside her pussy grabbing her fingers. Francesca has been looking forward to trying her new sex toy – a chubby, soft, flesh-colored dildo that feels just like a real cock. At first she can only fit the tip inside. She squats down atop the toy, pulling her pussy lips apart with one hand as she lowers herself down. She manages to work the head in slowly, squeezing her pussy juices out. She moves slowly up and down, all the time dreaming of fucking a real guy. As she turns around to take it from behind, you can see the big fat dildo, stretching her pussy to the limit. It’s literally all she can take, and waves of pleasure begin to pulse through her body. She rolls over onto her back and rubs her clit as she tries to push the cock in further. “That’s as far as it goes,” she says, just before the first signs of orgasm take over. Her knees buckle and her hips thrust uncontrollably as she cums… hard. Her pussy is super-hot and dripping wet. She’s ready for the real thing,
    Now it’s your turn!!!

  • Francesca & Emma – Daddys Office

    Francesca & Emma - Daddys Office

    Emma goes to private school, she’s actually a total nerd and is even in band (she plays the flute). Francesca goes to public school, she’s extremely naughty, she’s actually a cheerleader. The two girls met at a coffee shop after school one day. Francesca asks Emma to ‘cum’ home with her after school but Emma says she has to stop by her father’s office first to ask permission. When they arrive he’s out at a meeting…. Watch what happens when these two naughty blonds get it on in this crystal-clear HD X-Art video!

  • Francesca & Emma - Daddys Office
  • Francesca – Soccer Star

    Francesca looks adorable in her soccer outfit, with knee-high socks, shin guards, and those itsy-bitsy soccer shorts. She’s actually pretty skilled when it comes to playing the world’s #1 sport. She played ‘football’ in school growing up in Germany, and has always loved the game. If she were trying out for a spot on your team, do you think she’d make the cut? YES! :-)

  • Francesca – Baseball Babe

    Francesca is definitely one of the hottest girls to ever dawn a baseball uniform! In this photo series she shows off her athletic abilities and gradually sheds her pink and white cotton jersey, followed by her pants. Finally, wearing nothing but her baseball cap and tall pink socks, Fran tries her hardest to fit the end of the baseball bat in a very, very naughty place!