Model: Kristen

This is Coco writing this description, so I’m going to write from a girl’s point of view.. Kristen aka Jessica Rox aka Leony April walked in the door of our Prague apartment looking just SO perfectly cute (like some cute girl that lived next door to you that you had a serious crush on). I know guys think some girls are much hornier than others…well, it’s true (me for one) but Kristen is way hornier than most girls (did I emphasize WAY HORNIER?)! Anyway, she had an orgasm during her solo masturbation video and again with the clear dildo that she brought along for the shoot. Then she came a few times while fucking her boyfriend for the camera and AGAIN when her two friends jumped on the bed and we shot our first x-art four-way! I’m telling you, it was getting pretty hot shooting this cutie. And, she’s all wrapped up in a perfect, seemingly shy, freckled, green-eyed, petite brunette package, who speaks sweet broken English with a soft Czech accent. Kisses from x-art for soft-speaking, hard-cumming and hard working Kristen!

Kristen – Much Needed Vacation

Sometimes you just really need a vacation. Kristen and her boyfriend have a quick getaway to Ibiza. Finally when they arrive on the island they can let loose. Watch him push his big cock into her tiny pussy. This couple has been together for 5 years and they just get better and better.
Cum on and join in on their “much-needed” vacation….

  • Kristen – Workout Together

    Kristen and her boyfriend go for an afternoon run. When no one is looking they settle on a park bench.
    He pulls down her gym shorts and starts fingering her until she’s wet. Then he can’t resist her taste and moves his tongue over her sensitive parts. She has an orgasm from the stimulation and excitement of being outdoors and pumped from the workout.
    He turns her over and enters her from behind. But, you’ll have to wait for the video to see how he finishes his workout ;-)
    It’s always a good idea to workout together…

  • Kristen – All Grown Up

    Gorgeous girl-next-door Kristen is all grown up and she looks absolutely beautiful. Enjoy her perfect body and stunning face as she strips and shows you every inch. And if you want more, watch her have hot sex in her new video “Happy Couple” She is a real woman with the spirit of a girl, a rare but approachable beauty.

  • Kristen – Happy Couple

    Kristen is back at X-Art! She’s now a blonde and she looks better than ever. She is still with the same cute guy (with the big cock) that we shot her with over three years ago. Enjoy them again, more experienced and more beautiful as they make passionate love for our cameras. She starts by sliding him into her mouth, it barely fits! He pleasures her orally and with his fingers, she loves it! He takes her from behind, she gets on top and rides until she cums. He finishes on her flat stomach. They said he had to pull out since she skipped her pill and they weren’t ready for babies yet!
    Hope you like this happy couple, they get excited when you watch!

  • Kristen & Ivy – Lady Lovers

    An original and a new X-Art favorite model together for some hot lesbian sex! Two perfect cuties, Kristen (now blonde) and tiny brunette Ivy take turns licking and fingering each other. They rub their perfect pussies together until they shudder with awesome orgasms. These specific girls prefer men, but they are so horny that they’ll take a woman when no boys are available.
    Guys: anyone want to offer to step in and help them out with some male action??

  • Kristen – Girl Next Door

    Imagine you’re looking in the window of the girl next door. Kristen just had two orgasms while you watched. Her boyfriend was there, he was watching from the door of her room. She came first with her fingers and then with this really cool clear toy. It was while she was cumming hard with the clear toy inside her that he seemed to get a little agitated…. He took the toy away, pulled her towards him and shoved his cock in her mouth. She arched her head back and he pushed it in deeper. Her eyes opened wider. When he finishes fucking her throat, he flips her over and slides his cock in her tight, pink pussy. He screws her hard from behind, she has another orgasm. She gets so excited that she jumps on top and rides him until she cums AGAIN. He has his way with her in a few more positions, fucking her until he’s had enough. The pleasure is too intense, he wants to keep fucking her, to show her she can have more orgasms with him than the damn toy; he’s already done that. Her’s body is pliant and relaxed from cumming. He pulls out and pushes his cock in her open mouth one more time, until he explodes cum on her face. She looks up at him and smiles from ear to ear, she LOVES it!
    She’s sprawled across the bed naked, legs spread haphazardly; resting for a minute. She’s waiting there. Who’s next?

  • Kristen – Pink on the Inside

    Kristen rolled around on the bed and slipped out of her gray and white striped cotton panties. She took her favorite sex toy from under the pillow and wet the tip of it with her tongue. Even though the toy was small, it was tough for her to get it in. She raised her leg overhead to afford a better angle. Frustrated, she grabbed the end of the toy with both hands… and pushed it in firmly. A telltale drop of wetness formed around the base of the toy, where her lips grabbed hold. Kristen then spread herself open with two fingers and pushed the toy in as far as it would go. The outside end of the toy pointed straight towards the camera lens. The view was amazing!