Model: Tori

While most of the girls we shoot at X-Art are university students and fashion models, Tori Black is our one sensational exception. She is quite literally THE hottest porn star in the world right now, winner of the 2010 AVN female performer of the year. We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with her. It’s easy to see why Tori is such a huge success. She absolutely LOVES to have wild and crazy sex – on camera and off. At our shoot, we all fell in love with Tori… she’s a beautiful, intelligent, sensual person… and an excellent addition to the X-Art erotic revolution! We love you Tori!

Tori – Pretty Plaything

Mid-way through this stunning photo-set, Tori started to get really horny. She asked if we wanted to get a few shots of her playing with her sex toys. Of course, we agreed! “Finally,” she said. “I haven’t had sex all day. I was starting to wonder if I’d get a chance to get myself off!” Tori then turned up the vibration on her brightly colored pink & purple sex toys and really had a blast! She’s definitely not the kind of girl to fake an orgasm. “Seriously! Who has time to fake it?” she says, “I’m too busy cumming!”

  • Tori – Beach Beauty

    X Art Tori - Beach Beauty

    This is one of the LONGEST, HARDEST, HOTTEST erotic videos ever produced by X-Art. It’s a 16-minute HD movie featuring the beautiful, sex-crazed superstar Tori Black in a true masterpiece of modern erotica! The video begins with Tori and Mr. X at home together at a beachfront hideaway in Malibu, California. They share a few soft and sensual moments in bed to the sound of gently breaking waves. But as soon as Tori’s clothes come off, things heat up fast! Tori goes down on Mr. X, taking him deep inside her throat. She gives him (as he calls it) the ‘best blowjob of his entire life’ – wet and wild! The camera then moves in for some mind-blowing, crystal clear closeup shots. Mr. X finger-fucks Tori and then slowly pushes his bulging cock ALL the way inside her pretty, perfectly wet pussy. The on-screen chemistry and passion between these two lovers is amazing and authentic… their eyes lock as Tori ‘bottoms out’ on Mr. X’s cock. She whispers in his ear, daring him to ‘give it to her, harder!’. Finally, Mr. X can’t take it anymore… he cums all over her eagerly awaiting mouth and smiling lips.
    The web is full of Tori’s porn performances, but this is the only time you’ll ever see this beauty having sex like this… X-Art style! It’s HOT! It’s beautiful! And it’ll blow your mind!
    Just be careful you don’t melt your hard-drive… Seriously!

  • X Art Tori - Beach Beauty