Jamie – The Siren

Beads of turquoise water dance across Jamie’s tight, suntanned skin. Her tiny nubile body is perched delicately on the edge; where the ocean meets the sky.
Just like the mythical song of the siren, her piercing gaze pulls you closer. She’s calling to you…

  • Jamie – Hot Pink 2

    There’s something about Jamie’s big green eyes and cute smile that just drives men crazy.
    Watch and enjoy as she shows off her petite naked body!

  • Francesca – From My Lips

    Francesca’s long nimble fingers find a sweet surprise as they brush across her pouting pink lips. She moans in ecstasy as she blows a soft kiss from her lips… to yours.

  • Liv – Pure Perfection

    What a party girl Liv is! This is girl that knows all the hot spots, all the fun clubs and all the cool people.
    Liv is also a TOTAL exhibitionist.
    She has just-right breasts, beautiful eyes and long legs. She’s the girl next door and a guys best friend with benefits. Everyone needs a litte Liv in their life! We love you Liv!

    Liv’s long slender legs lead your eye upwards towards her jutting hips, firm, flat stomach, and perfect breasts. She has deep, ice-blue eyes, and the most gorgeous, kissable lips.
    Liv is pure perfection!

  • Francesca – Surf Naked

    Francesca is a drop-dead gorgeous 18 year-old with a long, slender body, small perky breasts and captivating hazel eyes.

    An instant classic! Francesca is back and she’s hotter than ever – long, lean and suntanned! Watch her slip out of her teeny bikini as she paddles out to catch a wave on her bright yellow surfboard. The turquoise water forms small beads on her smooth skin as the warm sun beats down. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Nicole – Unzipped

    Nicole is a gorgeous, fun-loving nineteen year-old university student with a knack for making people smile.
    She’s a free spirit who’s equally comfortable in formal evening attire, blue jeans, or completely nude.
    This young woman is a photographer’s dream. She loves to show off her gorgeous body; flowing hair, crystal-clear blue eyes, long legs, classic proportions and perfect breasts that truly defy gravity

    With her narrow waist, gorgeous full breasts, and piercing blue eyes, Nicole is a true Goddess!
    Watch and enjoy as she slowly unzips and steps out of her blue jeans. Unforgettable.

  • Francesca – Summer Lover

    Imagine making love all summer long to gorgeous Francesca! She’s waiting for you poolside, slipping out of her racy black & white Dolce Gabbana bikini.
    Wearing nothing but a pair of cool white shades, Francesca seduces you with her perfect body and full, kissable lips.

  • Francesca – Dangerous

    Francesca has total control. She has a leather whip in her hand, and she’s not afraid to use it!
    She beckons you to follow her upstairs to the private chamber… if you dare.

  • Jamie – Hot Pink

    Super-cute Jamie is in the mood for some ‘hot pink’ naughty fun! It’s easy to admire her for her sinfully smooth skin, electric green eyes, perky breasts, pig tails and perfect, pouting lips.
    She’ll drive you totally WILD with her shy side, as she slowly pulls down her white cotton panties. Enjoy!

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