Reese – Blond on Black

Reese is a shy, quiet student who currently attends a small private international school in Prague; the capital of the Czech Republic. Her mom is an Italian-American who moved to Europe during her teen years and fell in love with a prominent Czech businessman. Since she grew up in such an multi-cultural setting, Reese speaks three languages fluently and loves to travel. She hopes to one day meet the love of her life, marry and raise a family.

Blond covergirl Reese poses nude against a simple black background. She loves to flex and bend her ballerina’s body… maybe she’s trying to show off just for you?
We can certainly appreciate Reese’s laid-back attitude, and you will too. You’re bound to forever savor this scintillating photo-series, as it perfectly highlights every angelic angle of Reese’s tiny, curvy college-girl body!

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