Scarlett – Deep Pink

Stunning redhead Scarlett leans back in her bed, relaxing after a long day at the dancing studio. Wearing only legs warmers and panties, she spreads her legs apart, her bare nipples poised and perky.
She touches herself, savoring the feel of her firm breasts. Spinning her finger tips, she rubs circles over her dampening mound through the fabric of her white cotton panties.
She kicks off her panties. Becoming aroused, she toys with herself.
A white vibrator hums, resting on Scarlett’s chest. She kisses the buzzing tip, sending tingling shivers throughout her mouth. She swallows more of it, moistening the shaking shaft with her warm, wet tongue.
Dripping with anticipation, Scarlett finally guides the vibrator inside. Panting for breath, she quickens her pace as her flexible, athletic body moves in sync with a bucking, shuddering, orgasm.

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