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Caprice, Angelica, The Red Fox, Keira – Quadratic Sexquation

X Art Caprice, Angelica, The Red Fox, Keira - Quadratic Sexquation

If ax^2+bx+c=0, then what is x? If you’re not a math expert, then you should probably let four of the SEXIEST women on the planet get naked, fuck each other, and then give you a hand with the answer (or at least distract you from caring) ;-) This foursome is a beautiful neopolitan of EXCLUSIVE X-Art sexiness.
You will looooove their skill set and how these ladies will show you how they make each other cum! Ready to study some algebra or what’s that long word for pussy eating? Cum solve this quadratic sexquation!
These exclusive X-Art beauties are alone worth the price of membership. Where in the world will you find such a combo, so hot for each other and willing to share their boyfriends.
Oh My God! Unreal!

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Ashley S & Sammy – They Seem So Sweet

What do you get when you mix a ravishing redhead with a beautiful blonde?

A whole lot of sexy! So then what do you get when these babes start touching and licking each other’s naked bodies? Definitely hot and wet (for girls like me) or hard (for fellas like many of you)…or let’s just say HORNY for all sexual beings :-) These girls know how to get freaky, and literally could have gone for hours if we would’ve let them. They will blow your mind, so get ready.
They only seem so sweet…

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Jenna & Catie – Girls Love Pink (& diamonds)

X Art Jenna & Catie - Girls Love Pink (& diamonds)

Catie is at X-Art for the first time (well this was her second time actually). Her first time was at our house with Charlotte.

Either way we loved her and Jenna so much that we brought them back to play on my pink bed! Watch as these two wild girls make each other cum hard! Sugar & Spice ;-)

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Jennifer & Cassie – Girly Girls

X Art Jennifer & Cassie - Girly Girls

And these two really are…girly girls.
Both like men in private, but you will only catch them with women on X-Art. To me they are two of the cutest little brunettes around (and I like girls!) These photos show some hot action. These lovely, petite cuties pack a lot of punch and know how to make each other cum. Check it out.
I promise you will have fun!

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GiiGi & Sophie – Precious Metal

X Art GiiGi & Sophie - Precious Metal

GiiGi and Sophie are two hot and horny blondes, ready to get it on and get each other off.

They literally got naked and started making out before the cameras were even ready to go. We could barely keep up! But that’s ALWAYS okay in the wonderful world of X-Art. Enjoy these beauties pleasuring one another…or more specifically, watch them obsess over each other during some much needed pussy play with their tongues and a very cool silver dildo. It’s precious metal, indeed :-)

Welcome to X-Art sweet Sophie!

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Kaylee, Lisa, Jenna – In My Living Room

X Art Kaylee, Lisa, Jenna - In My Living Room

Enjoy these three brunette beauties while they enjoy each other in a beautiful home we visited during our trip to Brazil.
This threesome is a special treat – with a stunning Czech and Romanian girl and their sophisticated sexuality and a free-spirited and flirtatious American girl – what more could you ask for in a combination?! Delight in the view from this spectacular location… and as a bonus, the kissing, licking and finger fucking between some really hot and very naked babes ;-)

Cum see! Only in my living room…

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Eufrat & Jessica – Lonesome Without You

Eufrat and Jessica are two of the most beautiful and enchanting women you will ever meet (or virtually meet ;-))
Aside from their sexual adeptness and mystery that will draw you in, these girls have so much chemistry with one another that you will be dying to join them on the LOVE seat. Enjoy their beautiful bodies and wet pussies…and the incredible and very real orgasms!
They will be lonesome without you :-)

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Susie & Angelica – Insanely Gorgeous

X-art Susie & Angelica - Insanely Gorgeous

For as many words that exist to describe these two stunning X-Art girls, “insanely gorgeous” seems to work perfectly.
Susie is a girl you fall in love with ever time you see her (whether it be with girls or boys…or girls AND boys!), and Angelica is nothing short of an angel (in the sexiest form possible). It seems we hit the mega millions jackpot – in the lesbian erotica kind of way at least ;-) Cum see for yourself!

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Jenna & Dillion – Brunette Superpower

Two of the hottest brunettes around get wild and crazy while making each other cum hard. Wherever Jenna is, fun follows!
Watch this and have some of your own (fun I mean). The title says it all. These girls are smokin… see what I mean as they lick each others pussies and finger fuck each other until they are dripping wet and cumming all over each other. The slick lighting on their smooth skin kind of makes me want to lick them (is that wierd?)
And they still look like fashion models while they are doing it all! UNBELIEVABLE (but true ;-)

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Teal & The Red Fox – Sex And Submission

Imagine two of the hottest, most desirable new X-Art girls. Teal? The Red Fox?
A raven haired Czech beauty or the hottest redhead out of the Ukraine ever? Both have received rave reviews from our subscribers. Now think outside (or inside) their box! Imagine that you had the privilege of fucking both of them in a threesome. Impossible dream? Not at X-Art. Warning: this photo set is not for the faint of heart!
One of the hottest and kinkiest threesome sex scenes on X-Art!

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