Francesca – Sunshine on her Pussy

Francesca is wearing a paper-thin yellow minidress. After getting her hair and makeup done, she walked into the room and teased the camera by lifting up the edge of her skirt, revealing her clean-shaven pussy.
The sunshine streamed through the floor-to-ceiling windows, bathing her soft, sunkissed skin in angelic white light.
Francesca slipped out of her dress and perched nude atop a lucite barstool, which was warm from the sun’s rays.
Francesca’s long, slender legs stretch on for what seems like an eternity in heaven.
Can you just imagine her legs wrapped around you right now, pulling you close? Imagine her delicate body against yours as her sky blue eyes peer deep into your soul…

  • Scarlett – Getting Wet

    On a hot summer day in Malibu, the redhead vixen stands by the pool, topless, wearing nothing but a white string thong. A beaded shell necklace dangles across her chest, hanging down between her brightly freckled breasts.
    Scarlett shimmies out of her bikini bottoms, her bright blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight, like the water glistening beneath her. She climbs down and crawls along the length of the wall at the edge of the pool.
    She dips into the pool. The sudden, jarring cold sends shivers of excitement through her body. The sensation of the cold turns into temperate tingling and stimulation, as she becomes acclimated to the soft, sunny spot.
    She climbs back out of the pool and stretches-out like a cat. Sizzling, smoking hot, and aroused as she bares her pussy, Scarlett basks in the sunlight.

  • Scarlett – Deep Pink

    Stunning redhead Scarlett leans back in her bed, relaxing after a long day at the dancing studio. Wearing only legs warmers and panties, she spreads her legs apart, her bare nipples poised and perky.
    She touches herself, savoring the feel of her firm breasts. Spinning her finger tips, she rubs circles over her dampening mound through the fabric of her white cotton panties.
    She kicks off her panties. Becoming aroused, she toys with herself.
    A white vibrator hums, resting on Scarlett’s chest. She kisses the buzzing tip, sending tingling shivers throughout her mouth. She swallows more of it, moistening the shaking shaft with her warm, wet tongue.
    Dripping with anticipation, Scarlett finally guides the vibrator inside. Panting for breath, she quickens her pace as her flexible, athletic body moves in sync with a bucking, shuddering, orgasm.

  • Daisy – Secret Place

    Daisy was up in our bedroom, opening her legs while stripping off her thin white t-shirt.
    Watch her stretch and flaunt her perfectly toned, athletic body.

  • Mia & Francesca – First Kiss

    Francesca and Mia are always fun to spend time with and they love being in front of the camera. Today, they wanted to try their first kiss.
    Tall, slender blond Francesca cradled Mia’s tiny waist and held her trembling hand. Mia was shy. Every time Fran moved closer, Mia let out a nervous giggle.
    The girls switched positions on the couch. Mia stretched out and Francesca got behind her. Francesca gently ran her fingertips across Mia’s hip, sending a shiver up her spine.
    Finally the girls moved in close and pressed their young bodies together…

  • Roberta – Brazilian Beauty

    Roberta appeared in Playboy Brazil just a few months after her 18th birthday and instantly gained celebrity status for her drop-dead good looks.
    Turquoise water, soft white sand and a beachfront cabana surrounded by lush tropical plants created the ideal backdrop for Roberta’s natural beauty.

  • Georgia – Gorgeous

    This photo series begins with 18 year old Georgia flaunting her slender, nubile physique. Topless, she wears nothing but a sleek, skin-tight black leather miniskirt.
    Georgia looks the part of a hot young fashion model, her ribs gently pushing her perky little breasts towards the sky.
    She slips out of the skirt and stretches her arms overhead, teasing the camera with pink, pouting, glossy lips and jutting hips.
    The camera moves in for a closeup. Georgia’s emerald green eyes catch the light, giving you a momentary glimpse into her thoughts.
    You’re so close, you can almost feel Georgia’s warm breath as she exhales. Can you just imagine her soft, gentle kiss?

  • Francesca – Heaven

    Heavenly white light surrounded Francesca as she stretched her long slender body on the white couch.
    She gently teased a drop of moisture from the opening of her pussy with the firm tip of a colorful glass sex toy. Once the end was wet, she could slowly guide the toy through her soft pink opening.
    It was too big for her to take all the way, but she liked the way the bulbous head felt she carefully worked it in and out.
    The more she played, the wetter she got. Eventually, a think layer of milky liquid dripped from the toy. She was happy she came, and so were we.

  • Inside Mia

    Completely nude and lying on her back, Mia grinned, her huge brown eyes shining, as the camera hovered over her.
    She spread her legs out, stretching herself over a soft white cushion. Reaching into her purse, she took out one of her favorite toys – a silver vibrator.
    Mia slowly worked the buzzing tip inside herself, savoring the sensation. She flashed a sweet smile and her body shuddered as the lens captured this beautiful, fleeting moment.

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