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Marica – Fill Her Up

Jack and Tee were given one bit of advice going into this ultra-erotic shoot with our Asian goddess Marica – to fill her up! And they did just that (while being gentlemen and making sure to give her maximum pleasure in the process). This was her first DP and won’t be her last.
She actually insisted next time she have a third cock…to fill her mouth of course.

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  • Jenna, Tiffany Doll – A Naked Assault

    What better way to quench your mid-summer thirst than by watching some lesbians getting sloppy wet and fucking each other’s pussy and ass?
    With the help of a pink toy (and your attention), these two super-nymphomaniacs will explore all avenues of girl-on-girl pleasure. And if you’re familiar with either of these girls and their erotic style, you’ll have no doubt that they’ll deliver a cum-worthy show.
    It’s a naked ASSault!

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  • Jillian – The After After Party

    4K Fuckfest!!!
    Two dorky guys in suits score a VIP table with bottle service at a hip night club on the Sunset Strip. Lucky for them, the illusion of wealth attracts beautiful girls, even for lame guys like them.
    Before long, they’ve scored a superhot blonde – Jillian.
    After some smooth talking and more than a few drinks (guys and girls – do not try this at home) they end up back at her place for a nightcap. The lights go out, and then the crazy stuff starts to happen. It’s the after, after party! Horny as hell, Jillian decides to fuck both of them – at the same time! She fucks one and sucks the other, before letting them drill her pussy and her gorgeous ass until sunrise!
    Get warmed up for the insane action packed super high definition 4K video with this delectable dizzying photo gallery!

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  • Jillian Janson – Up Close And Very Personal

    Jillian Janson becomes a Colette.com Girl with a bang! This blue-eyed beauty first shot with X-Art at age 18.
    Now she is ready for a more daring, more uninhibited romp with a well hung and very lucky guy. Sexier than ever, Jillian keeps her exquisite hour-glass body in top shape with fucking gymnastics that will leave you begging for more. No acting or fake orgasms here. As you know, that’s not our style. And just take a look at Jillian’s smile as Jean licks her clit and her tight ass.
    Notice how her gorgeous eyes sparkle as she sucks that big shaft. Get off as this tall blonde fucks with joy and rides a dick to orgasmic heaven.
    And caution: Jillian absolutely loves a cock up her ass. She wants you to watch, up close and very personal!

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  • Chanel, Blake Eden, Aiden Ashley, Anissa – Four Way Anal Play

    Blake Eden, Chanel Preston, Anissa and Aiden Ashley declare ‘Girls Night!’ and throw a little lingerie party… but things take a turn and the clothes come flying off.
    Once Chanel licks Blake Eden’s pussy, Blake can’t hold back and soon the four girls are exploring every hole and fucking each other like crazy in this four way anal play! Smiles and orgasms all around!

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  • Jenna, Lily Ivy, Piper Perri, Anny Aurora – Lick My Pussy Play With My Ass

    Two blondes, a brunette (Jenna), and a redhead walk into a bar. Jenna says to the bartender, “Give me four shots of your best tequila, but we’re not paying for them.” The bartender replies, “Oh Really? Why don’t you just shove it up your ass?” The four girls look at each other and giggle. “OK. We will”.
    Anyone who knows Jenna knows she has a super tight ass. The only way to fuck her ‘back there’ is to get her nice and warmed up with at least one hip-bucking orgasm.
    That’s exactly what Piper, Anny Aurora and gorgeous buxom Lily Ivy have in mind.
    Watch and enjoy as these four beauties take turns licking each other’s pussies, cumming like crazy, and playing with each other’s asses!

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  • Teal, Keira & Kate – From 3 to 4 Part II

    Bonus set: from the Video!
    This may be the best “Part II” you’ve ever seen! Get ready for three super horny girls and one sexy guy to blow your mind (and the girls seem to be competing in the art of blowing Jake!) These gorgeous X-Art models will ride him and suck him in various positions, then pleasure each other a lot more too.
    You will want to join this group in some incredible sex (duh!)…because this one is a chart-topper! :-)

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  • Sara Luvv, Joseline, Cali Sparks – Three On One A Fucking Perfect Equation

    What do I love most about sex? Near the top is spontaneity. Go with the moment.
    Take this shoot, for example. Michael may be no stranger to fucking extremely beautiful women – someone has to do it! – but he was especially eager to get naked with two of our newest Colette teens, Joseline and Cali.
    The crew and I were about ready – and who shows up on the set? Another erotic beauty – Sara Luvv. And Sara was not about to be a bystander! So everything changed just like that – and Joseline, Cali and Sara soon were caressing each other and taking turns fucking lucky Michael’s brains out! (He didn’t mind.)
    And here’s a secret: one of the girls couldn’t resist demonstrating her ass.
    Can you guess who?

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  • Five Way Fucking of Tiffany Doll

    Colette Five Way Fucking of Tiffany Doll

    What better way to kick off “Sunday fun day” than seeing our gorgeous French girl Tiffany Doll getting fucked by five hot and horny guys at the same time (or almost the same time…at least three at once!) She’s filled up like never before, and has no problem handling the hard cocks and cum loads of these stallions.
    We’ll let the orgasms speak for themselves.
    Cum experience the fun in five on one orgy sex!
    Tiffany loves this stuff!
    Let her show you how it’s done!
    And ask her about it on X-Art.

  • Colette Five Way Fucking of Tiffany Doll