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Jenna, Lily Ivy, Piper Perri, Anny Aurora – Lick My Pussy Play With My Ass

Two blondes, a brunette (Jenna), and a redhead walk into a bar. Jenna says to the bartender, “Give me four shots of your best tequila, but we’re not paying for them.” The bartender replies, “Oh Really? Why don’t you just shove it up your ass?” The four girls look at each other and giggle. “OK. We will”.
Anyone who knows Jenna knows she has a super tight ass. The only way to fuck her ‘back there’ is to get her nice and warmed up with at least one hip-bucking orgasm.
That’s exactly what Piper, Anny Aurora and gorgeous buxom Lily Ivy have in mind.
Watch and enjoy as these four beauties take turns licking each other’s pussies, cumming like crazy, and playing with each other’s asses!

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  • Teal, Keira & Kate – From 3 to 4 Part II

    Bonus set: from the Video!
    This may be the best “Part II” you’ve ever seen! Get ready for three super horny girls and one sexy guy to blow your mind (and the girls seem to be competing in the art of blowing Jake!) These gorgeous X-Art models will ride him and suck him in various positions, then pleasure each other a lot more too.
    You will want to join this group in some incredible sex (duh!)…because this one is a chart-topper! :-)

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  • Sara Luvv, Joseline, Cali Sparks – Three On One A Fucking Perfect Equation

    What do I love most about sex? Near the top is spontaneity. Go with the moment.
    Take this shoot, for example. Michael may be no stranger to fucking extremely beautiful women – someone has to do it! – but he was especially eager to get naked with two of our newest Colette teens, Joseline and Cali.
    The crew and I were about ready – and who shows up on the set? Another erotic beauty – Sara Luvv. And Sara was not about to be a bystander! So everything changed just like that – and Joseline, Cali and Sara soon were caressing each other and taking turns fucking lucky Michael’s brains out! (He didn’t mind.)
    And here’s a secret: one of the girls couldn’t resist demonstrating her ass.
    Can you guess who?

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  • Five Way Fucking of Tiffany Doll

    Colette Five Way Fucking of Tiffany Doll

    What better way to kick off “Sunday fun day” than seeing our gorgeous French girl Tiffany Doll getting fucked by five hot and horny guys at the same time (or almost the same time…at least three at once!) She’s filled up like never before, and has no problem handling the hard cocks and cum loads of these stallions.
    We’ll let the orgasms speak for themselves.
    Cum experience the fun in five on one orgy sex!
    Tiffany loves this stuff!
    Let her show you how it’s done!
    And ask her about it on X-Art.

  • Colette Five Way Fucking of Tiffany Doll
  • Aubrey – Tight Ass Teen (with James Deen)

    I don’t know what it is (not to say James isn’t a phenomonal lover and easy on the eyes) but all the girls seem to fall in love with him. So after Aubrey’s awesome feature film (think Fifty Shades coming soon) We asked our exclusive, classy and cute, resident nympho what was next on her erotica bucket list?
    And she said Anal (with James Deen). So that’s exactly what she’s giving you today ~ her tight, teen ass (untouchd by a man or woman before this day). And With Mr. Deen’s help (she truly enjoys his massive cock), while probably becoming that much more infatuated with him. Our pretty baby is filled up and stretched to the limit. And guess what…she LOVED it! Aubrey is a star, in more ways than one. There is some TMZ drama surrounding this scene, but both models seeemed to enjoy every minute.
    And you will too.
    This scene alone is worth the price of 1000 memberships in my opinion.
    So get ready to cum HARD.

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  • Aubrey’s Insatiable Ass

    Colette Aubrey's Insatiable Ass

    Congratulations @Mungoman for winning this amazing anal photo set title naming contest!
    We’re in love with “Aubrey’s Insatiable Ass” (title AND ass itself). And because this was Aubrey’s second anal set in two days, we were only able to capture these anal aspects in still shots, no video…which means you can see the corresponding non-anal video on X-Art named “Little Play Thing.” She’s just getting started so join in on the fun!

  • Colette Aubrey's Insatiable Ass
  • Caprice – Feel My Ass

    Colette Caprice - Feel My Ass

    Caprice and Marcello are getting closer and closer which means that they want to try LOTS of new things. Watch as he cums in her beautiful tight ass and fingers her little pussy until she comes all over him.
    This is just a warm up for what’s cumming.
    Hope you like it…

  • Colette Caprice - Feel My Ass
  • Tiffany’s Tight Ass

    Attention X-Art lovers of our one and only original Tiffany: We have an AMAZING surprise for you! (if you enjoy first times and/or back door love), you’ve come to the right place. This is EXCLUSIVELY for X-Art (soon to also be featured for members on our new site (but we wanted to get this scene to our loyal members now).
    Tiffany wanted to try and decided she was ready to explore her oh-so-tight ass. This video alone is worth the cost of joining. Watch her lucky boyfriend of 10 years get his first try on camera.
    Cum inside.

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  • Caprice – Any And All For You

    We love Caprice and Marcello! Just being in the presence of this beautiful couple brings joy and erotic excitement to a room (bedrooms especially!) And what’s great about these two is that they are always keeping things exciting, including some back door play once in a while. You will love the way Caprice – blindfolded and tied up – lures Marcello in to her sexy web, then captures his undivided attention (and massive boner ;-))
    The passion is palpable and the energy is HOT…like fireworks on the 4th of July!

  • x_art_caprice_any_and_all_for_you